Web Service Planner

Web Service Planner (WSP) is a central part of incadea.dms Workshop Resource Management solution to schedule and dispatch service jobs, including operational support for booking mobility vehicles, accessories, and machines. WSP is a web-based screen fully integrated with our DMS that supports a two-step planning process, scheduling on teams or qualifications (skills) and dispatching resources.   


Web Service Planner planning process

Web Service Planner planning process


The scheduling process supports workshops quickly and efficiently in booking service appointments on teams or skill groups (qualifications).

Your benefits for Scheduling with Web Service Planner:

  • Available resource capacity reflects the real-time workshop load, and it’s easy to group depending on team structure or skill scale to get the desired outcome.
  • The Qualification Capacity Overview feature helps users find the most suitable date for booking their next service appointment based on the available resource capacity.
  • The scheduling process enables less qualified personnel to plan service appointments without assigning specific resources for service jobs.


The dispatching process with modern Drag-and-Drop UI allocates resources for service jobs considering their availability, skills, or current work assignment.  

Your benefits for Dispatching with Web Service Planner:

  • Thanks to the modern drag-and-drop user interface, users can effortlessly assign service jobs to the appropriate resources, teams, or specific skills if necessary.
  • When dispatching service jobs, WSP considers technician efficiency. The book time required for service jobs is automatically adjusted based on the current efficiency factor of technicians.
  • The Service Job Overview feature allows workshop controllers and dispatchers to dispatch service jobs accurately and promptly. It provides a centralized view of all service jobs scheduled for the day.


WSP uses the Time Control add-on to monitor work progress and resource planning, enabling effective job status control. Resource capacity calculations consider bank holidays, breaks, and resource absences, which are displayed visually.

Your benefits for Scheduling with Web Service Planner:

  • Real-time information about work-in-progress ensures constant resource planning control to avoid potential delays proactively. Feature Scheduling Issues assist users in taking corrective actions quickly.
  • Service job status permanently informs users about current work progress, and completed service jobs show opportunities of adding additional jobs to utilize resources most.
  • The workshop can tailor their experience with customizable filters, tooltips, and views to operate in the way that best suits their needs.

Why incadea Web Service Planner?



Web Service Planner is fully integrated with our core DMS and add-ons like Online Appointment Booking and Time Control. Maintaining the same date in different applications is unnecessary since all parts contribute to a unified solution.

Modern UI

Web Service Planner is a web-based application using modern technology (e.g., drag-and-drop) and UI. Flexible filters, color schemas, and views make daily routing easy to master.


From day one, Web Service Planner was designed to be workflow driven. It logically follows each service planning process step, streamlining workshop operations and boosting workshop efficiency.

Two-step Planning

Web Service Planner supports a two-step planning process, scheduling teams and dispatching resources. It smoothly handles the operations of small, middle, and big dealers.

Monitoring and Control

Real-time information about pending service jobs, delays, and scheduling issues ensures constant planning control about work-in-progress and lets users take corrective actions quickly.

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