Import Costing

Cover highly complex scenarios from import management of vessels and containers to customs and freight costing in real-time for a contingent of parts and vehicles profoundly.

Transport of goods and Import Costing

Import costs are also known as shipping, landing, and additional costs like freight, duty, wharf charges, customs, internal freight, tariffs, documentation charges, and any associated internal company costs.

Importer costing

incadea's Import Costing Management will enable including the costs of transport of goods and import costing in shipments and assist in managing the compilation of all shipment details and contents.

Import Costing Management

Import Costing Management oversees the arrival of shipments and authorizes shipping-related costs to be apportioned and included in parts and vehicle inventory values. The shipment process is supervised from one central place with an automatic takeover of mandatory import costs, including considering delayed invoices. Supports foreign currencies can be assigned to cost apportionment type individually with a choice to select the preferred shipping agents (MAERSK, DHL...) or shipment methods such as Cost and Frights (CFR), Cost Insurance and Frights (CIF)... 

Your benefits for Import Costing Management with the IMM Solution:

  • Flexible handling of purchase orders, with copy and select functions, assists users in reducing manual data inputs during cost processing. Goods inventory may be established on budgeted costs before final vendor invoices have been received. Any budget vs. actual variance is adjusted during import costing finalization.
  • Secure an import costs calculation with preset standard cost apportioning types, an automatic takeover of import costs, and direct follow-ups of missing invoices. All cost types can be organized, assigned, and posted using foreign currencies.
  • Entire audit trail and visibility of cost details. Fully integrated into incadea.dms Cockpit and Data exchange functionality providing seamless electronic document communication (EDI) with OEM.

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