Online Appointment Booking

incadea's Online Appointment Booking (OAB) provides seamless integration between OEM, dealer, or 3rd party online booking systems and incadea workshop resource management. Customers can check the available workshop capacity and book service appointments online. OAB API facilitates the complete booking process: finding the nearest dealer, selecting desired services, picking a free timeslot, and the final appointment confirmation. To modify a scheduled appointment, you can cancel or reschedule it online.

To guarantee a fully integrated, scalable solution and streamline global deployment, Online Appointment Booking is an Add-On Cloud service, and @incadeacloud centrally hosts it. OAB is part of a robust incadea API solution with modern architecture that follows the highest security standards and data control. 


Service Planning Process

Online Appointment Booking

incadea Online Appointment booking enables dealers to operate more efficiently, saving time and reducing costs. You can now quickly check the availability of workshops and book your service appointments online as a customer.

Your benefits for Online Appointment Booking

  • OAB is a highly customizable and flexible solution that can easily be tailored to meet individual dealer needs. The Online Appointment Booking (OAB) process includes:
    • Finding a nearby dealer.
    • Choosing desired services.
    • Selecting a free timeslot.
    • Confirming the final appointment.
    • Cancelling or rescheduling a previously scheduled appointment.

Dealers can configure their service products for online booking, including special pricing and period.

  • Our scheduling system provides real-time available timeslots for your appointment considering a range of factors, such as your chosen dealer location, the type of vehicle, the specific services required, the availability of service advisors, and the workshop's capacity. This dynamic approach ensures customers receive the most convenient and efficient service possible.
  • OAB maximizes workshop resources by providing real-time visibility of available workshop load. Dealers can use this tool to offer their customers “unlocked” available workshop capacity for booking potential service appointments online.

Integration with Web Service Planner

Online Appointment Booking is fully integrated with our Web Service Planner (WSP). Web Service Planner is a central part of our Workshop Resource Management solution to schedule and dispatch service jobs, including operational support for booking mobility vehicles, accessories, and machines.  

Your benefits for Integration with Web Service Planner

  • Customers can easily book service appointments online and automatically transfer them into our DMS for efficient scheduling and processing. It saves time and cost for dealerships by eliminating the need for personnel to handle service appointments via phone.
  • Online Appointment Booking provides real-time data about workshop resource availability and capacity managed in WSP, considering the current workshop load and resource absences.
  • Besides booking services, OAB includes options to select preferable service advisors and mobility vehicles in prearranged WSP time slots where dealers can steer customers to book service appointments online. For instance, seasonal tire campaigns can significantly benefit from this feature.

Additional details related to Online Appointment Booking.

  • Our Online Appointment Booking solution is also certified for Daimler Online Appointment Booking (DSDbook).
  • Dealers can analyze OAB statistics as a part of the solution. AOB Statistics Report provides a detailed analysis of online appointment bookings.

Why incadea Online Appointment Booking?


Real-Time Data

Online Appointment Booking provides real-time data on resource availability and capacity, considering workshop load and resource absences.


OAB is a highly customizable solution for dealers to tailor their online appointment booking service products, preferable timeslots, workshop capacity, and more.

Integration with WSP

Our Web Service Planner is fully integrated with Online Appointment Booking, allowing customers to schedule easily and process service appointments online and transfer them automatically into our DMS for efficient processing.

API Solution

OAB is part of a modern incadea API solution with high security standards, enabling dealers to easily install, configure, and customize.

Cloud Hosted

Online Appointment Booking (OAB) is a centrally hosted Add-On Cloud service by @incadeacloud, ensuring seamless worldwide implementation and integration.

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