Dealer Claim Management

Support standard, additional warranty, and service contract processes for all dealer and factory claim types with effective payment management. All rules are performed depending on OEM make. In addition to the standard warranty and service contract process supported by incadea.dms, the Importer Management Solution (IMM) enables the importer to offer additional warranty or service contracts that may be funded by himself or third-party suppliers other than the OEM.

Your benefits for Dealer Claim Management with the IMM Solution:

  • Handling and forwarding dealer warranty or service contract claims.
  • Management of the importer’s additional warranty.
  • Crediting dealer warranty claims with splitting and reverse crediting.
  • Simplified and automated process for all claim types:
    • Factory claims can be exported,
    • Dealer claims can be imported.
  • Warranty claim payments information to dealers and receipts can be reported
  • Warranty sub-dealers handling supported.
  • Clear and easy warranty/goodwill payments management.

Warranty and Service Contract Claims

Dealers can place the warranty and service contract claims in the Dealer Online Portal, and the importer can create Warranty and Service Contract claims submitted by dealers manually or automatically. Once the credit memo from OEM is received, the importer can apply the credit to the open account of the dealers, and it provides automated payment management from the importer to the dealers. A single process can be used for all claim process types (warranty, service contracts, third-party, goodwill). 

Dealer Claim management

Flexible process types and flows between the dealer, importer, factory, or external suppliers. The following processes and combinations are functional: Dealer > Importer, Dealer > Importer > Factory, Dealer > Importer > External, Importer > External, Importer > Factory.

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