Vehicle Reception App

Quickly locate the Service Order using License Plate Recognition powered by AI and use the Vehicle Health Check (VHC) to quickly document the current condition of your vehicle during the reception process and determine the necessary service jobs to be done in a guided and structured manner. Create tailored checklists for different vehicle types to increase potential upsells during servicing. Whether you're working on a car, truck, or van, customizing your checklists can be helpful. 

The basic idea of VHC is to provide a "to-do list" for a service department to ensure consistency and thoroughness in carrying out service jobs or tasks. Another active role of the VHC is to deliver valuable information to customers about their vehicles from both a maintenance and safety point of view. Finally, we must not forget that VHCs are also practical job aids purported to compensate for potential limitations that human memory and attention come with. 

To guarantee a fully integrated, scalable solution and streamline global deployment, Vehicle Reception App (VRA) is provided as an Add-On Cloud service, and @incadeacloud centrally hosts it. 

Vehicle Reception Workflow

Vehicle Reception App

Vehicle Reception App with an integrated Vehicle Health Check (VHC) is essential for service departments. Using tablets, service technicians can complete checkpoints during an inspection without being tied up to a desk. Collected data and media are immediately available for future processing in the DMS.  

Your benefits for the Vehicle Reception App: 

  • From welcoming customers and scanning license plates to electronic sign-off service order scope, incadea Vehicle Reception App supports the Service Advisors in reducing administrative efforts.   
  • Service Advisors can access today’s service appointments and start reception processes. This includes validating order details:  
    • Order details (Order, Customer, and Vehicle information)  
    • Update customer contact details (Mobile Phone No., email...) 
    • Service jobs and lines (type, description, quantity…)  
  • Service advisers can use "Open Jobs" from previous visits to increase upselling opportunities and improve the customer experience. The final service order scope is confirmed electronically with the customer's approval. 

Vehicle Health Check (VHC)

VRA facilitates the efficient execution of the Vehicle Health Check (VHC), enhancing upsell opportunities and allowing for greater customer care attention. Conducting a Vehicle Reception Check is crucial to accurately document the vehicle's condition before service repair, ensuring transparency throughout the repair process. 

Your benefits for the Vehicle Health Check (VHC)  

  • Vehicle Health Check (VHC) contains customizable options to create your checklists for different vehicle types (a car, a truck, or a van) or tasks to perform.   
    • Define your checkpoints and group them into categories. 
    • Add any findings, including media (photo, video…). 
    • Add findings on the schematic vehicle diagram individually. 
    • Capture the measured values, such as mileage, fuel level, and tire pressure…. 
  • Ensuring no details are forgotten, VHC provides a simple way to collect all "open jobs" and enable them to be used for future follow-up activities.  
  • In addition to photos, the Service Advisor can capture videos that effectively describe any issues found during health checks. The uploaded media files are stored in cloud-based storage, and a direct link to them is saved in the backend system for convenient access. 

Integration with Web Service Assistant (WSA)

We connect WSA and VRA to perfect the service reception process, give technicians more mobility, and maximize the benefits of our robust DMS using tablets. Service advisors can switch from the Vehicle Reception App to the Web Service Assistant and vice versa to fine-tune service orders.  

Your benefits for Integration with WSA  

  • Together, VRA and WSA facilitate the efficient execution of the vehicle health check (VHC) for pre-booked service appointments, now including walk-ins. This enhances upsell opportunities and allows for greater customer care attention.
    • Managing Walk-Ins is easy to register as it allows for efficient customer and vehicle data processing and performing VHCs. 
  • Additionally, WSA comes with Mobile Service Order equipped with convenient DMS features such as Vehicle Service History, Service Remarks, and Service Packages, providing enhanced functionality while managing service appointments and support service receptions.  
  • WSA web pages can seamlessly integrate with other add-ons or third-party interfaces using a concept we call “Special Functions.” 


Why incadea Vehicle Reception App?


Provide Mobility

A vehicle reception app with integrated VHC is critical for service departments. Tablets allow techs to inspect and complete checkpoints on the go.


Customize vehicle checklists by defining checkpoints, grouping them into categories, and adding findings with media and measured values.

Data Access

The Service Advisor can record videos of problems found during health checks and store them in the cloud with a direct link for easy access.

Integration with WSA

VRA and WSA make it easier to conduct vehicle health checks and enhance customer service for pre-booked and walk-in customer visits.

Cloud Hosted

The Vehicle Reception App (VRA) is a centrally hosted Add-On Cloud service by @incadeacloud, ensuring seamless worldwide implementation and integration.

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