Web Service Assistant

As part of the digital transformation in the automotive industry, every technician needs straightforward mobile data access and specialized tools to perform work remotely, independently, and more efficiently. These needs are considered within incadea’s Web Service Assistant (WSA). 

WSA is a web-based product that enables service advisors and technicians to manage service orders remotely and provides handy functions from our dealer management system (DMS) on the tablet. The AI-powered License Plate recognition capabilities highlight the effectiveness of WSA.

Web-based Role Center

Web Service Assistant is a Web-Based Role Center for service advisors and technicians made for tablets.

Your benefits for Web-based Role Center with Web Service Assistant:

  • Web Service Assistant role center was designed to provide seamless access to the most practical DMS functions from the tablet client.
    • Quick Customer and Vehicle Search.
    • Quick overview of upcoming service appointments.
    • Vehicle Service History and more.
  • With the new flexible UI pages approach, users can utilize two distinct Role Centers - a desktop interface for complex tasks and a tablet interface for remote services.
  • WSA web pages can seamlessly integrate with other add-ons or third-party interfaces using a concept we call “Special Functions.”

Mobile Service Order

Web Service Assistant enables service advisors and technicians to manage service orders and service jobs from the tablet remotely.

Your benefits for Mobile Service Order with Web Service Assistant:

  • The Mobile Service Order was designed to help tablet users easily create, update, and control customer service orders and jobs.
  • Additionally, Mobile Service Order comes equipped with convenient DMS features such as Vehicle Service History, Service Remarks, and Service Packages, providing enhanced functionality while managing service appointments.
  • With Mobile Service Orders, managing Walk-Ins is easy to register as it allows for efficient customer and vehicle data processing.

Integration with Vehicle Reception app (VRA)

With Web Service Assistant, we want to give technicians mobility and benefits from our robust DMS capabilities using tablets. On top of it, to make the service reception process perfect, we connect WSA and VRA.

Your benefits for Integration with VRA:

  • From welcoming customers and scanning license plates to electronic sign-off service order scope, incadea Vehicle Reception App supports the Service Advisors in reducing administrative efforts.
  • WSA and VRA facilitate the efficient execution of the Vehicle Health Check (VHC), enhancing upsell opportunities and allowing for greater customer care attention.
  • Vehicle Health Check (VHC) contains customizable options to create your checklists for different vehicle types (a car, a truck, or a van) or tasks to perform.

Why incadea Web Service Assistant?


Provide Mobility

WSA will increase mobility in your workshop to run more effectively and remotely.

Data Access

Technicians get straightforward mobile data access to enable them to work remotely, independently, and more efficiently in the digital era.

DMS in Hand

Most practical incadea.dms functions like Customer and Vehicle Search, Mobile Service Order and Vehicle Service History can be driven from the tablet.

Make it Personal

WSA inherited practical concepts to access other tools and add-ons in highly customizable environments.

Enable Efficiency

License Plate Recognition capabilities + Vehicle Health Check (VHC) will drive efficiency and productivity to the next level.

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