Dealer Management

Importer-associated dealers are dealers who are not related to the manufacturer but are supplied by an importer. Using incadea.dms enables the importer-associated dealer to access the importer systems to plan orders or warranty claims, e.g.

Associated dealers can manage diverse activities, perform parts and vehicle stock inquiries, create parts and vehicle quotes, orders, and credit memos, manage warranty and service contract claims, access the vehicle stock list and dealer customer list, and request credits.

Dealer Management

The Dealer Management functionalities provide setups to manage dealer and dealer groups’ access to the importer system, including permissions and settings for the users of dealers and importers. It is used to identify a dealer and provide basic settings for a dealer, e.g., permissions for parts creation or parts backorders. Importers can set up associated dealers in the Dealer Setup.

Your benefits for Dealer Management with the IMM Solution:

Enable comprehensive management of business transactions between importers and their dealer networks with a flexible integration platform and complete control of dealer access around the clock.


  • Dealers have visibility of order dispatch progress and confidence in supply.
  • Dealers may have specific reports or document layers that may be run. E.g., a quote might be set up to print for the dealer with his information and customer pricing.
  • Automatic Reservation re-allocation and Back Order release, Management of Purchase Order requisitioning.


  • The importer has specific functions to easily manage all external dealer parts and vehicle activities, providing authorization and supply requirements.
  • The importer has control of the parts being returned. Ensures the dealer supplies invoice details that parts were purchased and the reason for return.
  • The importer has a function to copy this directly to the purchase order so no re-keying errors will occur.

Role Tailored Center - IMM Associated Dealer

incadea.dms provide optimized workplaces for 23 dedicated roles, including a specific role-tailored center (RTC) for IMM Associated Dealers.  IMM Associated Dealer role center (RC) covers all parts, vehicle, and claim management activities, including reports like Dealer Vehicle Stock list and Dealer Vehicle Back Orders.  

Your benefits for RTC with the IMM Solution:

  • Dealers can quickly log on to the role center, i.e., their workplaces explicitly tailored for them. Here, users immediately see the tasks and information for the day and receive an overview of what must be done and what is next in line.
  • A simplified user interface promotes only the needed functionalities, records, and reports to perform daily activities. Microsoft Outlook mailbox, calendar, tasks, and RC part for notifications are included.
  • Straightforward access to IMM functionalities enables dealers to perform parts and vehicle activities effectively. Search engines allow them to find what is needed, and flexible UI customization assists in adapting views according to their appetites.

Dealer Online Portal

Without incadea.dms implemented on their site; dealers can exchange data with incadea.dms via their dealer portal. Communication data can be configured via the Application Server, Web Services setup, and International Make Layer. A Web Server and Navision Application Server (NAS) are technically required for communication.  

Dealer online portal

Your benefits for Dealer Portal with the IMM Solution:

  • Secure Online / Real-time 24x7 access.
  • Allows online secure access to the importer’s database providing real-time parts information and ordering.
  • Electronic Data Interchange Management (EDI) is fully enabled.

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