Wholesales CRM

Excellent cooperation between the importer and dealers is essential to driving more prospects into the dealerships and boosting dealer network profitability. Streamline collaboration between dealers and the importer via automated customer data transfer while keeping the data quality and carrying out campaigns targeted at either dealers or retail customers.

In our Wholesales CRM in the IMM solution, importers can carry out their marketing activities accurately and efficiently, enabling them to support dealers in targeted marketing campaigns, for example, by launching new vehicle model lines, etc.

Wholesales CRM

With the extra information obtained from the dealer, the IMM Profiling function, and the new Prospect Vehicle relationship, which represents the retailed customer, additional campaigns, reporting, and incadea.dms CRM activities can be precisely targeted at dealers and retailed customers.

Your benefits for Wholesales CRM with the IMM Solution:

  • Contact Management incl. Data Privacy concept.
  • Contact (Address) Sync. Concept – across companies, enables search engines with comfortable data maintenance to protect data and avoid duplication.
  • Campaigns can be targeted at both the dealer and the retail customer:
    • Automated accuracy and completeness check before updating the database with an option to include historical owners of vehicles.
    • Following a sale to a retail customer, dealers can create a vehicle profile via the Dealer Portal.
    • Importer can review and update the vehicle profile within the IMM.
    • Importer can market more accurately and significantly once the IMM re-profiling is carried out.

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