Importer Management Solution

Drive Productivity and Collaboration

Drive Productivity and Collaboration

Our Importer Management Solution (IMM) drives productivity and collaboration between Manufacturers and Dealers.

The importer has a unique position between the dealers and the manufacturer (OEM) and is at the center of getting vehicles and parts produced by the OEM to the end customers.


The importer business has its own specific needs and complexity. The importer stands between the OEM and the dealer in getting vehicles or parts produced in a particular place to the hands of a customer, possibly thousands of miles away. 


The dealers rely on importers to serve their customers at the highest standards, from vehicle sales and delivery to warranty management, not forgetting parts and service. 


The OEM counts on the importer as the intermediate between them and an often-considerable number of dealers for these same business areas. However, it will also rely on market data the importer will provide to make strategic decisions and forecast their business.

Importer solution

Extending the best DMS to serve the importer's requirements

Our Importer Management Solution (IMM) is built on top of the brand-specific layers to ensure optimal connection with OEMs. In addition to our robust DMS solution to cover the needs of small to mid-size dealers and dealer groups, incadea.dms offer extended functionality to cover importer business requirements.

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