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Innovation-led services to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

Consultancy Services

incadea’s Professional Service team specializes in automotive business experience tied in the with technical knowledge from diverse business requirements.  With the enablement support of our team, each of our project goals are to improve performance of our customers in all business areas (Service, Parts, Vehicle Management/Sales, Accounting, CRM, Reporting/BI, OEM Make Interface/Requirements).

By supporting our VAR Partners, we look to utilize the Professional Service teams experience for full Market enablement to standardised templates which can be utilized for current and new markets.

Quality Implementation & Deployment

Experienced implementation & rollout teams support project enablement and customer satisfaction in all our subsidiary markets.  With our selected VAR Partners in key markets our Professional Service team ensures quality of delivery in each of those markets and oversight to support them accordingly.

Blueprinting of projects for market requirements allows easy templating of OEM or Market requirements to support all projects and training.  By utilising these experiences, the Professional Service team is able to create comprehensive training programs for the markets and their localised developments.

With a standardized approach to projects, we try to eliminate any risk for all parties involved by following these proven steps:


Discovery Phase

Where “our” journey begins We analyze the business to ensure we progress with a common understanding of needs to suggest the best solutions from our portfolio and potential developments. Plan and agree to the timeline. All parties sign off on the agreement to move on to the next steps.


At this point, we have a common agreement of the next steps and start key user training. Secure the necessary project resources. Analysis workshops to finalize any required setup or development. Development finalization.

Training & Pilot

For larger deals, waterfalling the product rollout to ensure business continuity before we get to the rollout phase. Tailored enablement of all users. Go-live support. Pilot sign off.


Mass rollout for the entire dealership/network. Hand holding of our consultants to support the dealer during their teething phase. Additional Training for users if needed.


Help desk functionality to ensure business continuity.


Continual development support and upkeep of your system to ensure you get the latest features from our product and the OEMs that the dealers work with.


One of the key factors to make an implementation successful is the knowledge transfer of the product to the users.  Our consultancy and training teams ensure that this goal is achieved through various channels with standardized documentation or on site/virtual training sessions.

By utilizing these tried and proven practices, we have a track record of successful deliveries and satisfied customers who can self-enable themselves internally or come back to us for additional training support cases.

incadea.dms is heavily tied into the Microsoft ecosystem which ensures an easy transition for users due to its familiar UI and functionalities which are similar to what exists in the current Microsoft Office Suite.  This enables an easier transition to the product as most businesses globally have users using some of these products.

Based on project requirements a hand holding phase can be done post go live to ensure new markets the added support for a soft landing on their go live.



A global product requires global support from our various help desks and partners to support business needs. All of this powered by convenient digital ticketing systems to respond to queries tailored to the different business sizes requirements.

Fast response time tied in with SLA’s to ensure that all businesses run as smooth as possible.  Whether it’s the web front end, support call, or email to the support team, all requests are handled based on their severity or support requirements.

With built in Help tools in our products or knowledge base to pull the relevant information, we try to minimize as much interaction as needed to ensure all information is at your fingertips.


Hosting Services @incadeacloud

Providing our customers with a state of the art and cost-effective solution to run their business from, @incadeacloud guarantees a fully integrated, scalable solution to tie in both their software and hardware requirements.  Prioritizing business critical applications, allowing for a highly efficient service with high performance and security.

Powered by MS Azure, @incadeacloud optimizes maintenance and management plans and streamlines the deployment of our customer’s systems globally.

Our support model is flexible and tailored to meet your business needs with customized SLA and uptime requirements.

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