Service is the area that increases the overall margin of the dealership business. A vehicle maintenance solution can help you manage better all kinds of services.

Explore Service cube to optimize aftersales processes, control and monitor your resources.

Service Statistics

The Service Statistics measure group includes the majority of critical KPIs such as : Revenues, Costs, Margins, Quantities, Time Measures and Averages.

User can combine a big number of dimensions and KPIs producing countless and in depth insights. Date comparisons, locations, departments, service types, task types, service advisors, technicians, customers, models, vehicle categories, labor and parts are some of the available dimensions to analyze aftersales KPIs.

Time Management

Time is money! Identify time trends and take preventing actions for your service team. Critical KPIs are : Efficiency, Productivity, Utilization, Capacity, Absences, Qualifications. Analyze them by :

Date, department, resource, task type, service type, model, vehicle categorizations, customer categorizations, payer...

Service Orders

Service Orders includes KPIs for WIP, Passings, Open Days, Lost customers, Vehicle Health Check (or Check Report) and Service Retention.

The Dimensions to analyze these KPIs are related to Service Orders : Date, Department, Customer data, Service Advisor, Locations, Model data, Vehicle data and Service Type.   

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