Even in today’s digital age, many dealerships throughout the world still rely on spreadsheets and disjointed solutions to manage their accounting and reporting. That strategy results in a management style largely based on individual experience and gut feeling. However, there is a more reliable way to manage your business with an erp reporting solution.

Financial control and operational reporting is at the core of every successful enterprise.

Based on a fully fledged ERP platform, incadea.dms provides comprehensive financial analysis and reporting capabilities for every area of your dealership.

Key functionality


Flexible and fully customizable reporting

Control your business more effectively with the help of built-in reports. Define KPIs that are important for your business and build your own reports with only a few clicks. Forget spreadsheets and extract real-time information directly from the DMS.

Standard reports for every business area

Analyze your daily performance with a set of predefined print-out reports for every business area. incadea.dms offers 150+ standard reports, and we help you choose the ones most relevant for your business.

Easy budget vs. actuals comparison

Predict and monitor your purchase and sales activities by setting up purchase and sales targets per area. Compare actual figures against the budgeted targets, and evaluate the performance of every department, sales team, or individual salesperson.

Accurate cash-flow forecasting

Ensure financial stability and avoid unnecessary financing costs through accurate cash flow forecasting and purchase planning. Configure your forecasts by taking into consideration not only transactional data, quotes, and orders but recurring income and expenses as well.

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