Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, incadea.dms financial has powerful, full-fledged accounting functionality at its core.

  • Minimize required time and effort with accounting processes running automatically in the background through each user transaction.
  • Keep a clear, detailed, and real-time overview of your business with numerous analytical reports provided within the DMS—there’s no need to rely on other solutions.
  • Save cost on licenses for third-party software and dedicated human resources. Let the DMS do most of the work for you.

Payment Management

Never miss a beat with your payments. Easily manage outstanding balances from customers and your vendors.

  • Always be up to date by having an overview of payable and receivable balances.
  • Stay in control of your cash flow through payment suggestions based on due date and discount considerations.
  • See the big picture with cash flow forecasting, including potential or planned income and expenses from financial services or rentals, financial assets, or private investments.

Fixed Assets

Have a clear overview of the current book value and depreciation level of all fixed assets within the company, whether tangible or intangible.

  • Get a detailed overview of all fixed assets in the company, including initial date of purchase, depreciation rate and level, current status, and book value.
  • Simplify depreciation handling with automated depreciation rate suggestion and automated posting.
  • Easily see the insurance cost per fixed asset by linking insurance premiums to the assets and to your cash flow forecasting.

Cash Module

incadea Cash Module add-on records all cash register transactions for customers, vendors, and G/L accounts. It manages multiple cash desks and generates ledger entries for statistics, evaluations, and tracking.

Key Product facts:

  • Cash Module is integrated with vehicle sales, service, and purchasing areas and has a tailored Role Center for Cashiers to improve efficiency.
  • Cash Modulehandles payment transactions for customers, vendors, and G/L accounts in local and foreign currencies. It tracks gift card sales and payments and connects to cash drawers and receipt printers.
  • Cash Modulestatement with cash register daily balance control and options to cancel posted payments​. Special reports, such as sales slips printed from different printers, can activate the register.

One of the main challenges many dealerships face is measuring and reporting KPIs as well as efficiently evaluating the performance of different departments. Dealers often use third-party accounting systems, incurring additional costs for software licenses, integrations, and work time.

With incadea.dms you get a fully functional accounting system within the DMS. Being an integral part of the solution, it does its job automatically in the background—with each transaction by any employee. Eliminate the need to rely on a third-party solution and stay in control with transparent, real-time information.

The Open Accounting Interface (OAI) empowers dealerships and dealer groups to streamline and simplify their accounting processes. Using OAI, dealers can effortlessly export General Ledger and transfer payments made by customers or vendors from various accounting applications. This integration with incadea.dms reduces the chances of errors and ensures that there is only one reliable source of information. Batch jobs automate processes, version numbering simplifies traceability, and OAI streamlines accounting for efficiency.

Open Accounting Interface

OAI is a standard part of the data exchange module of incadea.dms. OAI exports general ledger postings, customer ledger entries, vendor ledger entries, and customer and vendor standing data from incadea.dms to an external local accounting application. In return, OAI imports payment information to update customers’ and vendors’ open balances.


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