Handling of Repeated Repairs in the incadea.dms

There is an old saying that goes,

“There is never enough time to do the job properly, but always enough time to do it again.”

In case of having a necessity to do the service job again, the customer will not get charged for that job.

As per the available technical terminology, it (the event) will be referred to as comebacks, reworks, or repeated jobs in the situation above.

We stick with the term Repeated Repairs, which we believe fits DMS and Dealership terminology best.

Good service managers know that repeated repairs jobs are very costly and time-consuming, but the poor quality of the initial work can take its toll on the customer base and dealership reputation.

To prevent Repeated Repairs, workshops must start by figuring a way to track such events. By utilizing incadea.dms's functionality to assist and determine when these situations would reoccur and serve service managers to understand why this would happen. In our incadea.dms, we provide an innovative feature that will allow dealers to track and analyze repeated repairs in service orders.

Firstly, we added a set of alerts for potential repeated repairs using service remarks and document warnings. Secondly, repeated repairs events can be triggered manually by users (service advisors) or through specific recurring situations in the incadea.dms automatically.

It is crucial to use the Repeat Repairs Log for tracking repeated repairs successfully. See the figure from our incadea.dms for an illustration:

Repeated repairs

This customizable log does not have to contain highly detailed information because that is already recorded in the service order. However, it must give an insight into the initial cause, frequency, and an indication of the necessity to carry out repeated repairs. The level of details from the Repeat Repair Log will scale the level of available data for reporting and statistics.

Filling out Repeated Repairs logs on time is conducive to regularly evaluating the incidents that might lead to service managers having more information that they might use to attempt to minimize the number of repeated repairs to improve the dealership’s performance. Our solutions could help with that.

Looking forward to your feedback, and we are genuinely interested in your opinion on it.


Dr. Juraj Hanus

Product Manager DMS | juraj.hanus@incadea.com

9/3/2021 12:00:00 AM