Virtual Product Session (VPS): "Online Appointment Booking (OAB) Daimler"

The motto "The service appointment is in your hands" guided our latest virtual product session on our incadea Automotive Cloud solution: Online Appointment Booking (OAB).

This session was extraordinary because we demonstrated how easily you can schedule regular maintenance, repairs, and other service tasks at an Authorized Mercedes-Benz repair center near you once you use the right digital tools.

Our product manager, Panagiotis Zenetos, demonstrated the customer and process flow in a real-life demo on a living Mercedes-Benz website connected via OAB with incadea. dms. It was exciting to observe the same process from both the customer and dealer perspectives. 

At the end of the session, product experts worldwide shared their expertise, practical experience, and positive feedback. They underlined the benefits to dealers and customers of incadea Automotive Cloud solutions.  

Another successful Virtual Product Session has inspired us to plan more sessions to unveil the latest incadea Automotive Cloud news.

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About incadea Online Appointment Booking  

incadea's Online Appointment Booking (OAB) provides seamless integration between OEM, dealer, or third-party online booking systems and incadea workshop resource management. Customers can check the available workshop capacity and book service appointments online. The OAB API facilitates the complete booking process: finding the nearest dealer, selecting desired services, picking a free timeslot, and confirming the final appointment. To modify a scheduled appointment, you can cancel or reschedule it online.

To guarantee a fully integrated, scalable solution and streamline global deployment, Online Appointment Booking is an Add-On Cloud service, and @incadeacloud centrally hosts it. OAB is part of a robust incadea API solution with modern architecture that follows the highest security standards and data control. 

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5/24/2024 12:00:00 AM