Virtual Product Session (VPS) : "incadea Tire Hotel powered by autoscan."

Yesterday, we held another Virtual Product Session (VPS) with the product theme "incadea Tire Hotel powered by autoscan." Over 40 automotive professionals, technical experts, and consultants participated in the virtual product event organized by incadea and autoscan.

During the presentation, we witness practical demonstrations of the following major workflows:

- How to efficiently select and prepare tires for upcoming service appointments. 

- How to digitally record tire data and conditions in incadea Tire Hotel using autoscan.

- How to store tires with a single scan.  

The expert Johannes Widmann demonstrated a 100% paperless integration solution in the incadea Tire Hotel and autoscan, complemented by real-life examples. Excellent presentation!

Another successful Virtual Product Session has inspired us to plan more sessions to unveil the latest incadea automotive cloud iAC news.

Stay in touch! 

About integration incadea.dms and autoscan: 

Our partnership with autoscan brings forth an exciting development and innovative scanner solution. This tool, designed for workshops, warehouses, and tire hotels, is set to revolutionize your operations. With its integration with incadea.dms, it's a game-changer for efficiency and productivity.  

This autoscan Mobile Warehouse Management app allows dealers to perform various tasks efficiently by scanning a barcode or QR code. It is compatible with modern devices and can automate multiple steps in the parts management process chain, from incoming parts to picking and physical inventory counting. Using autoscan, dealers can eliminate errors and achieve more efficient and streamlined workflows.  

Key Product features for incadea.dms: 

  • Item Info and Warehouse Organization.  
  • Incoming goods handling.  
  • Working with sales and service documents.  
  • Automatic posting, invoicing, and printing.  
  • Physical Inventory.  
  • Tire Hotel.  

For details related to the full scope of autoscan integration, contact us!

5/22/2024 12:00:00 AM