Partnering with Ghassan Aboud Group

incadea is partnering with Ghassan Aboud Group, a conglomerate in diverse industries and headquartered in Dubai, to support the growth of their global businesses by utilizing the complete product suite of incadea - incadea.dms, incadea Digital Sales Workplace, Reception App and incadea BI solution.

Ghassan Aboud Group will use the incadea solutions to grow their global businesses and solidify their position in competitive environment of their industries. With special focus on incadea's Digital Sales Workplace, Ghassan Aboud Group will be fully embracing the incadea’s digital solutions portfolio supporting the digital transformation of their existing businesses, ensuring a fully modern and futuristic strategy. The Digital Sales Workplace will enable Ghassan Aboud Group to capture and drive leads in a structured way, focusing on the new social media norms.