Exciting news for DAF Dealers

As DAF GOLD Integration Level Dealer Management System (DMS) partner, we engage to provide comprehensive DMS support for DAF dealer processes and standards on DMS, which we want to extend and improve continuously. 


Hence, we are enthusiastic to announce that the next DAF IML Release (Nov. 2022) is ready and contains further functional improvements on DAF requirements in all main DMS areas (Parts, Service, Sales, and General). The solution will provide excellent benefits for all DAF Dealers using our incadea.dms.  


The DAF IML V.1.1.0 release is based on the core incadea.dms 7.2 BC_2022.10 includes the following news and improvements:


Short Release Notes Description 

DAF RMI - RMI2.0 changes + new DAF Service History interface 

DAF RMI - Diagnostic assistant interface 

DAF EPS - Add deposit items + Deposit Item Supplier report

DAF Focus 2.1 enhancements (incl. FOCUS Customer Classification) 

DAF PPFS enhancements (Fleet number customer purchase order ) 

DAF Import/Export processes log table cleanup

DAF MDI - DIF file creation time 


Important Notes: 

DAF has already implemented incadea.dms at its own retail companies. Together with DAF, the DAF-owned and independent DAF dealers use incadea.dms, we keep on continuing to optimize the DMS and DAF integrations. incadea.dms is satisfying the needs of a modern DAF Truck dealer and the foundation for ongoing new developments.


if you need further information, please contact us.

12/5/2022 12:00:00 AM