Standardization and harmonization of business processes for Toyota Motor

Toyota dealers across the world use incadea’s solutions portfolio for more than 10 years. incadea has achieved long term and successful cooperation with dealers across Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Cyprus, China, Lebanon, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Switzerland, countries in the Caucasus region.

Objective: Aiming to standardize processes with an intuitive solution

The dealer network of Toyota Caucasus has been using different software solutions which had a sequence to increase the inconsistency of business process between the dealer network and importers. Multiple overlapping databases caused permanent data loss and significant issues with reporting could not provide a clear view of business performance in a timely fashion. Successful forecasting was a challenging process for the entire network.

Aiming to standardize business processes between dealers and importers, Toyota Caucasus selected incadea.dms – as the appropriate dealer management solution to enable them reach their business objectives. Designed to enable car dealerships to achieve high performance, was chosen as the best in class system to provide the opportunity for optimizing business processes and improving the planning of company activities across the Toyota Caucasus network.

Solution: Complex, integrated coverage of all dealerships’ activities

incadea.dms, the comprehensive, next-generation global dealer management solution, designed to enable car dealerships to achieve high performance, was installed in Toyota Caucasus dealerships during the course of last year. incadea.dms was selected via a tender process, as it provides the opportunity for optimizing business processes and improving the planning of company activities. Existing Group expertise in successful implementation of projects in the CIS region played a role in this choice.

Gap Fit Analysis, interviews with key end users and a concrete business requirements list – provided incadea the opportunity to offer a customized integrated solution
that would specifically meet the business needs of Toyota Caucasus. Between other, incadea designed interfaces with Toyota manufacturing systems | such as electronic spare parts, catalogue, prices, warranty etc. | and specialized reporting for various solution modules | servicing, spare parts, vehicles | including document printout formats.

At present, all Toyota Caucasus dealerships which have implemented incadea solutions are supported by incadea Russia under the Support Agreement.

"Toyota Caucasus decided on implementing incadea because its proposed technology occupies a leading position in the market and due to its incontestable experience of working with dealerships. The fact that incadea is present all over the world plays an important role for our dealership network covering several countries in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. We expect to integrate the provided technology at each dealership in our network."

Georgi Tsiramua | Head of Toyota Caucasus IT Department

Outcome: incadea solutions have radically improved the perfomance of Toyota Caucasus, including

  • Implementing official Toyota business processes at all dealerships
  • Instituting an integrated, comprehensible, and transparent reporting system
  • Achieving a faster and more efficient interaction between the importer and the dealerships, as well as between dealerships
  • Transparency in all processes


10 years of successful cooperation with a leading car manufacturer

Toyota Motor Co. was founded as an independent company in 1937. Today, the company is the largest car manufacturer in the world with 52 core enterprises in 27 countries and regions.

Toyota has achieved an impressive degree of globalization and localization, both in the Caucasus and Central Asia have become for Toyota Motor one of the rapidly developing regions. Toyota Caucasus is the official distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in six countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Head office of the company is located in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The company sells new Toyota cars, spare parts and accessories, as well as organizes and conducts technical training for its dealers in the region, providing the highest level of customer satisfaction that is characteristic for the corporation in general.

3/1/2017 12:00:00 AM