Autolider Ecuador: Implementing a new business vision through strategic DMS partnership

Objectives: In search of a proven solution to support expansion and strategic vision

  • Comprehensive dealer management system covering complex operational processes
  • Optimized and streamlined processes driving service excellence
  • Seamless data flow between financial systems and consolidated reports

Solution: Future-proof comprehensive dealer management solution

  • Consulting and support in identifying areas of improvement
  • Implementation of incadea.dms, a fully integrated, extensive and customizable solution
  • Leveraging multiple add-ons on top of the standard incadea.dms functionality for addressing the dealer’s specific needs
  • Streamlining all necessary interfaces with Daimler as well as country-specific customizations

“The teamwork between incadea and Autolider was excellent, mainly because we didn’t see incadea as a simple software implementer but we were working together towards a whole new vision of bringing our business to the next level while also benefitting our customers. Due to the professional approach of the incadea team we were able to identify issues and processes in need of improvement and work towards the successful optimization of them.”

Alberto Erandi, CFO of Autolider Ecuador


Autolider uses incadea.dms for:

In addition, the dealer opted for the following add-ons:

incadea Autolider DMS add-ons Time Control, Workshop Planning, Service Scheduling, Retail CRM, Cash Register, Business Intelligence, Reporting

Outcome: Improving key business processes and progressively achieving operational excellence

  • Increasing operational performance in key business areas
  • Establishing consistent processes throughout the dealer group
  • Achieving transparent reporting based on up-to-date and valid information



Autolider: Focusing on excellence at every step of the way

Autolider Ecuador SA, a distributor of Mercedes-Benz in the country, has the vision to become recognized for its best in class, luxury products, impeccable client and aftersales service, securing a leading position in the premium car segment. The company’s mission focuses on satisfying and exceeding customer expectations, starting from the buying experience and continuing all throughout the service phase of the customer lifecycle. Autolider constantly improves its processes in order to achieve service and operational excellence.

3/26/2018 12:00:00 AM