A modern DMS for truck dealers ensures high efficiency and customer loyalty


Offering excellent service, highest quality and best personal support are key for DAF Trucks Paris.

In the network of professional DAF dealers in France, the relatively new DAF Trucks Paris holds an important place. The organization has two branches, one strategically located to the North of Paris, the other to the South.

Both are located near Paris’ largest logistics centers and are situated along important national and international transport routes, such as the north-south transport route which runs from Scandinavia via the Benelux to Spain and Portugal, among other destinations.

The focus of DAF Trucks Paris is therefore not only on providing an excellent service to DAF customers in the Paris region, but also to all carriers who cross the metropolis of Greater Paris on their international routes.

Since providing excellent service and retaining customers is a top priority, the workshops at both sites are equipped with state-of-the art equipment. Partly due to this, DAF Trucks Paris meets the needs of trucks as well as coaches and buses.


A modern DMS that meets all DAF requirements and is specially made for trucks. It is a strategic choice for DAF Trucks NV to implement incadea.dms at all its own dealer companies in Europe. To come to that decision, DAF had a number of important criteria:

Modern, future-oriented truck solution: incadea.dms for trucks is made specifically for trucks, in combination with modern, truck-relevant solutions from the passenger car world.

Integration of standard truck dealer processes: incadea’s DMS supports and optimizes standard DAF dealer processes and integrates with systems made available by DAF.

Reliable system: incadea.dms is based on Microsoft Dynamics, with continuous development and worldwide support maintained by one of the largest tech companies in the world.

Well represented nationally and internationally: incadea is active in all countries where DAF is active and can offer the same basic solution everywhere. In addition, support is provided by local native consultants.

Good reputation: incadea is an internationally leading player in DMS solutions with a diverse and expanding product portfolio to support the automotive markets growing needs.


The new DAF standard of what a truck DMS should look like.

In recent years, DAF Trucks NV, DAF dealers and incadea have worked closely together to come up with a truck-specific DMS solution that offers everything a DAF dealer needs.

Specific functionalities of incadea.dms for DAF dealerships Truck sales module (sales): This sales module has a smart integration with DAF Truck sales applications and ensures efficiency in the truck sales process. In addition, it offers progressive extras such as margin calculation.

Repair and Maintenance Information / RMI (after sales): The data from the DAF systems with regard to maintenance and repair is integrated in the DMS. This leads to a higher efficiency of the service department.

Truck add-on / Commercial vehicle module (after sales): This module ensures that the DMS has really become a truck DMS. It is a layer over the existing incadea solution so that the DMS has all the important characteristics of the truck dealership.

Efficiency and customer loyalty

incadea.dms is built for and by truck dealers with the aim of optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal.

Modern and future-proof

The technical possibilities and customer needs are changing faster and faster.

Innovation is therefore very important. By optimizing and also integrating interesting innovations from the passenger car world into the truck environment, incadea.dms is and remains a powerful, future-proof truck solution.


incadea.dms offers many advantages for DAF truck dealers.

Key advantages:

  • Powerful and reliable system
  • Fully integrated with all DAF systems
  • Flexible and expandable to changing situations and needs
  • Suitable for multiple locations, languages, currencies
  • Great efficiency advantage
  • Flexible user interfaces tailored to the different functional roles at a truck dealership
  • No time-consuming search for information
  • Modern and future-proof
  • Local support
  • A consistent work environment
  • Reduces complexity and bundles important information for the users


Security, future-proof and efficiency

DAF Paris is DAF Trucks NV’s showpiece. DAF therefore ensures that it has a state of the art, modern, efficient, powerful, fully integrated system to support its business processes.

DAF has opted for incadea.dms and therefore ensures that the incadea software is 100% integrated. A major advantage for all DAF dealers who implement incadea. dms is that they can be sure they have everything DAF requires and keep up with modern developments.


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9/21/2021 12:00:00 AM