Customer Relationship Management for Automotive Wholesale

Boost Your Sales and Exceed Customer Expectations

incadea.crm is a wholesale CRM solution catering to the needs of car manufacturers, national sales companies, auto importers, and large dealer groups.

Marketing & Campaigns
Contact Management
Lead & Pipeline Management
Customer Satisfaction

Keep track of the whole customer journey from marketing to lead management to sales

Often, auto wholesale businesses distribute leads captured through their own channels to dealers manually via spreadsheets. As a result, it is impossible to track dealers’ follow-up activities or to link their sales performances to their own marketing activities.

With incadea.crm you will have full control. Through your marketing activities you capture and qualify leads from various channels and distribute them to dealers directly through the system. Dealers receive leads via the corresponding role center within incadea.dms. Then they can carry out standard lead management activities with full visibility within incadea.crm.

Save cost and increase ROI of your marketing efforts

Execute targeted, highly customized campaigns based on a centralized customer database. Easily create your own templates and landing pages, and communicate to your customers through their preferred channel. Understand the impact of your marketing efforts.

  • Eliminate the need to rely on third-party apps, and save costs with the built-in intuitive visual editor. Create professional email templates and landing pages with no programming knowledge.
  • Execute campaigns through a variety of channels including email, web, social media, and SMS.
  • Track campaign performance with an integrated BI tool. Evaluate both lead and sales conversion, and make informed decisions for your future activities.

Integrated lead management process from wholesale to retail

Developed specifically for the needs of automotive businesses, incadea.crm enables you to improve your lead management activities and to streamline your cooperation with the dealer network. Make sure no lead ever gets lost.

  • Capture leads from any digital channel including your website, social media, or third-party applications.
  • Send the right leads to the right dealers. Set up lead prequalification and dealer allocation rules.
  • Never lose sight of any lead. Forget about spreadsheets, and take advantage of the full visibility of the market pipeline and dealer lead management activities.


Know your customers and build long-term relationships

Acquire a 360-degree view of the customer throughout the customer journey to allow for a personalized approach at each touchpoint.

Control and improve lead quality and monitor dealer’s lead processing

Build a complete list of unique leads from different sources (websites, campaigns, etc.) to distribute the right leads to the right dealer. Monitor the dealers’ sales process.

Reduce marketing costs and increase campaign ROI

Plan, execute, monitor digital and traditional campaigns, and perform follow-up actions while ensuring consistency of content. Analyze results and effectiveness, all in one place.

Improve customer satisfaction

Plan and configure surveys and execute them through the channel preferred by the customer. Track survey responses, measure results, and take appropriate steps to improve customer satisfaction.


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