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Mobile Service Delivery Assistant

incadea.myservice is a mobile app that acts as a service delivery assistant, enabling service advisors to manage their tasks on the go. Integrated with incadea.dms, the app eliminates the need to rely on paper or notes and ensures service advisors have all the information and functionality they need at their fingertips.

incadea.myservice provides the functionality relevant for the service execution process

Appointments Planning
Service Consultation
Vehicle Inspection
Service Orders Management
Vehicle Handover

A typical service appointment is broken up into several disjointed steps

Service advisors have to start at their desks, possibly print something out, and then meet the customer and perform the tasks. They have to note the outcome of each task on the printout. In the meantime, they may be talking to the customer and finding out about upselling opportunities. At some point they will return to their desks to record the updates and maybe, if they remember, record the upselling opportunity.

A physical and informational gap exists between the service advisors’ desks and their interaction with the customer and their car. Reliance on paper or memory will inevitably cost your dealership lost opportunities and sizable revenue.

Are you missing out too?

Although 85% of dealers we surveyed tried to upsell during service appointments, only 30% of them followed up on deferred services. Less than 5% of dealers have implemented processes and tools that allow them to avoid forgetting any open jobs.

Do more on the go

With the calendar and tasks overview available in incadea.myservice, service advisors can manage their appointments, record findings during a car inspection, create and get sign-off on service orders, and manage updates and follow-up once the job is done. The app helps the advisor to perform an active reception and upsell by showing various packages and offers as well as deferred jobs from previous appointments.


Never lose an up- or cross-selling opportunity

Record and follow up on deferred services, never forget an opportunity, and enable your team to generate more aftersales revenue.

Bridge the information gap

Keep service advisors informed about their service orders, jobs, and customers—at any time, without having to visit their desks.

Optimize service processes

Stay on top of current tasks. Check the status of service orders and take action if needed. Sync data with the DMS automatically and eliminate data loss.

Build transparency and trust

Capture findings together with the customer. Record information immediately and have it synced with the DMS in real time.


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