The mobile sales assistant for your dealership

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Mobile Sales Assistant for Your Dealership

incadea.mysales is a mobile app that bridges the gap between the desk and the showroom floor and enables your sales team to provide an undisrupted experience to the customer. The app is integrated with incadea.dms, providing salespersons with all the information they need as well as directly storing updates and new data in the DMS.

incadea.mysales offers the functionality essential for the sales process

Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Activity Management
Test Drive

Think about a typical customer visit to the dealership

The customer enters the showroom and heads to a car, where he or she is joined by a sales representative. They talk for a few minutes, then they go to the desk. There the sales representative will have access to the DMS, the configurator, and other tools—all on a screen that must be turned and shared with the customer, who bends over the desk to see.

This process is not a modern experience and definitely not one that will excite customers or feel efficient to them.

Make each customer interaction count

Studies show that the average number of visits to the dealership has been decreasing over the years, with people coming in mostly for test drives, technical consultations, and price negotiations. In these circumstances, it is more important than ever to make each personal interaction count and to provide customers with the digital, information-rich experience they are expecting.

Bridge the gap

With incadea.mysales, sales representatives have access to their calendars with all the current tasks. They can update customer information, schedule test drives, and perform other sales activities such as managing opportunities, creating quotes, or even signing off on sales orders.

Moreover, we guide the user through the process and support the conversation with the customer by offering direct access to the vehicle information from the DMS, including stock and anticipated stock.


Offer a seamless experience to the customer

Enable your sales team to have a meaningful conversation with the customer without ever leaving the showroom floor.

Maximize your sales team’s efficiency

Eliminate the time wasted on switching physical locations and have your team cooperate efficiently with instant data sync between the app and the DMS.

Gain control of the sales process

Easily capture all information the customer is sharing and synchronize data with the DMS on the spot. There is no reliance on memory or paper.

Drive growth by generating more sales

Take advantage of each touchpoint. Keep your sales team aware of upselling opportunities. Pick up conversations where they were left off.


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