Increase your aftersales revenue

Increase Your Aftersales Revenue

Service is possibly the one area where it is absolutely critical to optimize operations. Every minute counts if you want if you want improved utilization and productivity, along with loyal, happy customers. With aftersales becoming an increasingly important source of revenue, you definitely need to get in the driver’s seat!

incadea.dms supports all service roles in getting the job done efficiently while generating additional revenue by picking up on deferred service quotes and open jobs.

Customer Service

Provide outstanding service to your customers through personalized and proactive communication, transparency, and efficiency. Generate more revenue through active reception.

  • Boost your capacity and manage more customer appointments with fewer people with the help of multiple tools to improve reception and handover tasks.
  • Personalize customer experience by having a full overview of the customer’s and vehicle’s service history—all in one place.
  • Upsell effectively through active reception: save postponed jobs, plan follow-up activities and future customer appointments, and reach out to the customer proactively.

Service Management

Manage your resources in the most efficient way, evaluate the performance of your aftersales department based on real-time data, and make informed decisions.

  • Generate additional revenue by performing targeted service campaigns and conveniently handling and upselling warranty and service contracts.
  • Conveniently handle various makes within one application and sell OEM service products such as labor, service packages, and external services.
  • Stay up to date and control your business better with the help of numerous real-time reports.

Revolutionize Your Resource Management with Powerful incadea.dms Add-Ons

Refine your service appointment planning and scheduling processes, allocate resources, and analyze aftersales performance based on precisely calculated KPIs.

  • Become data-driven: see work in progress and measure mechanics’ efficiency and prioritize and assign tasks based on real-time information and the mechanics’ skill set.
  • Maximize resources utilization by making sure your workshop is fully booked and assigning tasks in the most efficient way.
  • Optimize workshop planning through real-time overview of jobs in progress in the workshop, fill available capacities with additional jobs, and plan courtesy cars.


Web Service Planner

Streamline your service operations. Enable your aftersales department to plan ahead, align between departments, and efficiently fill empty time slots. Improve workshop efficiency through planning driven by real data.

Mobile Service App

Enable service advisors to manage their tasks on the go. Improve customer experience and generate revenue by offering transparent communication and effective upselling.

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Time Control

Utilize your resources to the fullest, understand your team’s skill set and productivity, have a clear overview of current jobs in the workshop, and plan accordingly.

Tire Hotel

Manage storage facilities and all tire hotel operations, execute relevant marketing campaigns, and provide excellent customer service with timely communication.

Multi-Vehicle Check

Optimize your service reception and execution processes by configuring checklists, easily include discovered issues into the service order, and generate more aftersales revenue.

Vehicle Damage Calculation

Integration of the Audatex interface into the core of incadea.dms allows the use of this damage calculation system free of charge in all markets.


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