CRM Solution for Your Automotive Business

Become Customer-Centric from A to Z

Leading sales and CRM managers do not wait until the end of the month to figure out whether they are going to reach their monthly targets. They react to real-time data with timely actions. Knowing their opportunity/close ratio and an average contract value, dealers have a clear view of how many leads need to be created and converted by the end of the period.

Gain control over your sales performance and orchestrate your marketing and sales efforts through a central hub with incadea Retail CRM.

Contact Management

The contact card is where it all starts: it is an overview of your prospect or customer, complete with information about past interactions, opportunities, service jobs, etc.

  • Save time by searching for a contact based on any search term, such as name, telephone number, and license plate number, throughout all branches of your business.
  • Avoid contact duplication through automatic name checks, even with an alternative spelling. Merge contacts, validate, and enhance data accordingly.
  • Comply with data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR) by storing privacy settings, such as subscriptions or preferred means of communication. Safely export data to third parties without violating customer preferences.

To-Do Management

With a list of individual to-dos in their Role Center, your employees can always keep track of their tasks and never drop the ball in customer communication.

  • Increase sales through lost sales reactivation with the help of a guided process and automatic workflows with preset actions, reminders, and updates.
  • Enable effective cooperation with the capability for managers to assign tasks to employees and track activity results.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by making sure your sales team builds lasting relationships with the customer through timely and personal contacts and follow-ups.

Add-on: Retail CRM

Our add-on to the standard incadea.dms in the customer relationship area encompasses functionality that touches sales, marketing, and customer service. Build relationships based on relevant, personalized, and timely communication that exceeds customer expectations.


Lead Management

Whether in sales or aftersales, you can manage leads coming from various sources. Avoid manual data entry, qualify leads, and assign them to salespeople.

Customer Profiling

By using questionnaires or rating scales, you can understand your customers better; shape customer communication according to their profile; and plan precisely targeted, efficient campaigns.

Segmentation and Campaigns

Easily create segments matching specific criteria and associate them with campaigns, opportunities, to-do’s, or interactions. Execute campaigns, review results, and learn from the performance statistics.

Opportunity Management

Plan your sales pipeline and make sure every opportunity gets the attention it deserves with the help of individually configurable to-dos for each sales stage and deep integration with other CRM functionality (e.g., campaigns).

Case Management

Streamline your resolution process for inquiries and complaints. Create transparency and awareness throughout the whole dealership, enabling the entire team to work toward the highest customer satisfaction.

Messaging and Interactions

Set up automatic notifications for customers via their preferred channel: SMS, email, or other messaging apps. Send messages personally, interact with customers, and keep records of exchanged messages for future reference.


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