Harness the data of your valuable vehicle inventory

Vehicles are one of the most expensive investment in the dealership, provide your sales staff insights and KPIs that allow them to focus on specific actions to optimize sales processes, control and reduce costs and increase profitability through incentives for higher margin vehicles.

Vehicle Statistics

The Vehicle Statistics measure group includes the majority of critical KPIs such as : Revenues, Costs, Margins, Sales Quantities, Inventory and Sales Incentives.

There are dozens of Dimensions to analyze Vehicle KPIs giving the power to create multiple combinations and views. Date comparisons, locations, salespersons, customers, models, vehicle categories, vehicle statuses are some of the available reporting axis 

  • Sell faster by finding the right fit for the customer through a convenient vehicle search across branches and third-party sources, easy vehicle comparisons, and reservation management.
  • Get the best margin by seeing which price conditions and incentives apply and finding the best trade-in value.
  • Increase sales revenue by establishing a systematic approach to sales reactivation.

Vehicle Orders & Pipeline

Empower your sales staff by keeping them up to date of their vehicle orders status. Either the vehicles in pipeline (purchase orders) or customers vehicle orders Vehicle cube provides on time insights for questions like : when and what models are expected to arrive? When and what vehicles I have promised to deliver? How vehicle orders affects dealership cash flow?

  • Conveniently manage vehicle ordering and monitor order status through interfaces with the OEM systems.
  • Reduce vehicle-on-stock days and lower inventory cost by seeing anticipated vehicle information and starting sales activities ahead of time.
  • Manage trade-ins with the help of an automated process of vehicle evaluation with integrated external systems.

Vehicle Inventory & Ageing

In addition to a simple question “How many vehicles do I have in stock?”, the Vehicle cube analyze the vehicle stock in depth.

How many days a vehicle is in stock? How the stock is increasing or decreasing from previous periods to current period? What is the cost of the vehicles in stock? Vehicle Ageing analysis. All the questions are answered by location, model, vehicle status (new/used/demo etc), ageing period or any other vehicle categorization. 

  • Upsell efficiently by being aware of available options offered by both the dealer and the manufacturer.
  • Keep costs in check by calculating the proper vehicle cost, including vehicle revaluation.
  • Control vehicle stock and make sure all cars are accounted for with the help of stock reports and KPIs such as vehicle-on-stock days.


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