Efficient Parts Management as Basis for Service Excellence

Manage uninterrupted parts supply to service department while maintaining the stock to the optimum level

Monitor your parts stock and supply chain using incadea.bi qualitative Parts KPIs. Discover how Parts dead stock affects the cash flow or increase the storage costs.  Does your Parts stock turns over enough times in a year?


Parts measure group includes the basic parts KPIs : Revenues, Costs, Margins, Discounts, Averages and date Calculations. Get insights by revenue streams : service area, parts counter or vehicle sales area. Use multiple dimensions to analyze further : Departments, Locations, Customers data, Parts categorizations, Vendors data or Vehicles data.

Parts Inventory

incadea.bi offers multiple Measures and KPIs to control Parts inventory. Explore Purchase and Sales Trends, Positive and Negative Adjustments, Average values or Opening and Closing stock level. Analyze by Location, Parts categorizations, Models, Date or Date comparisons.

Parts Order

Either from Purchase or Sales side, parts ordering is an important process of the dealership. Using incadea.bi, Parts manager can have insights and identify trends regarding Order Amounts, Quantities, Discounts, Costs and Order Types (VOR, Stock etc).


Control and accelerate your service department performance
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Microsoft OLAP Cubes & Power BI Based Solution
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