CRM Solution for Your Automotive Business

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CRM is one of the most important cubes of

It covers every aspect of the sales processes as these are predefined in incadea.dms.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Lead Management is the core CRM module where sales managers and directors get insights for Closing Ratio, Test Drives, Opportunities and Statuses and the general Sales Funnel KPIs. Lead Management includes the necessary axis of information, so the analyzer goes deeper into different Periods of Time or compare parallel periods i.e. current week vs previous week, current month vs previous month vs same month previous year.

Additional source of information is Salesperson, Contact, City, Lead Source, Sales Cycle, Lead Status, Priorities, Model of Interest etc.


With Campaigns BI module you empower sales managers and sales personnel to monitor Campaign Costs, Response Ratios, Target and Campaign Orders

Campaigns KPIs can be viewed and analyzed deeper by Date, Salesperson, Contact, City, Lead Source, Sales Cycle, Lead Status, Priorities, Model of Interest etc. 

Case Management

Important area of the after sales and CRM processes is the Case Management. BI offers those KPIs to monitor and control Averages, Days, On-Time Contact or Resolution, Reopen Cases or create comparisons with Dates, Employees, Statuses, Severity, Source, Category, SLA Policy, Vehicle, etc.  

Vehicle Statistics

Vehicle Statistics is a part of Vehicle Cube published in CRM as well to give to the user a holistic view from a Vehicle Sales Lead to a Vehicle Sales Invoice. It includes the majority of critical KPIs such as: Revenues, Costs, Margins, Sales Quantities, Inventory and Sales Incentives. There are dozens of Dimensions to analyze Vehicle KPIs giving the power to create multiple combinations and views. Date comparisons, locations, salespersons, customers, models, vehicle categories, vehicle statuses are some of the available reporting axis. 


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