Automotive Software Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Follow the Leaders in BI platforms and be always technologically updated

Avoid additional efforts, complexity, and risks by having multiple reporting solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the Dealership or Dealerships network as a whole and make the words Explore, Analyze, Visualize, Annotate, Share and Collaborate your everyday working experience. 

Microsoft-Based Business Intelligence Tool

incadea uses Microsoft technology for its BI solution. In the Back-end systems Microsoft SQL server hosts data warehouse, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process is built on Microsoft Integration Services and the final BI data model is organized in Microsoft OLAP database (MS SQL Analysis Server).

The presentation layer is managed by Microsoft Power BI service, a fully cloud application.      

Microsoft and incadea: A Strategic Partnership

The entire incadea solutions suite has been designed and developed based on the latest Microsoft technology. The long-standing relationship between incadea and Microsoft is part of the company's business strategy, bringing considerable experience, research and development, and ongoing investments.


Continuous Development and Innovation

Microsoft Power BI releases new version every month and adds new functionalities and capabilities. There is no upgrade or migration processes or any other additional costs, the users are always working on the latest BI application. From the BI content point of view, incadea adds new KPIs and reports in every BI data model new release.


With SQL Analysis Services Roles, we can secure data per group or user. We can manage what data each user or group can see. In the report level, Power BI can manage different types of users like admins or viewers and different sets of reports using Power BI apps. The data are secure and compliant even when it’s exported!

Connected Dealers and Consolidation

Gather and Consolidate data from different tables, companies, databases, applications, servers to one single BI Reporting environment.

For pure incadea.dms multiple installations, consolidated data comes out-of-the-box. Just filter the Company field on the report or get insights for the whole group of dealerships.     

Intuitive and Familiar User Interface

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors. Download new custom visuals and report templates and create tailored Dashboards for your business.


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Business Intelligence
Explore. Analyze. Visualize. Annotate. Share. Collaborate.
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