Importer Solution

With Importer Management we are offering additional functionality to incadea.dms to cover the needs of small to midsize automotive wholesale businesses.










Catering to the Needs of Car Importers

The importer occupies a unique position between the OEM and the dealer. The importer is in the middle of the process of getting a car or car parts produced by the manufacturer to the end customer.

The dealers rely on importers to serve their customers at the highest standards, from vehicle sales and delivery to warranty truck management and service. At the same time, OEMs count on their importers to be the intermediaries between them and a huge number of dealers. OEMs also rely on market data provided by the importer to make their strategic decisions and forecasts for their businesses. Finally, some importers may act as dealers themselves.

Key functionality


Import Costing

Full costing functionality in real time, both for parts and vehicles, with the ability to support highly complex scenarios from import management of vessels and containers to customs and freight costing.

Vehicle and Parts Ordering

Conveniently manage the whole vehicles and parts stock, including those in the pipeline, from one place. More efficient planning and processing of ordering, dispatching, and invoicing due to automated processes, updates, and consistent data.

Dealer Warranty Claims

Simplified automated process for all dealer and factory claims, flexible management of warranty offerings, and splitting and reverse crediting.

Dealer Management

Online dealer portal provides connected dealers with 24/7 access to the importer’s database with real-time parts and vehicle information as well as the ordering process. No dependency on the dealer’s DMS or its absence. Flexible platform for system integrations.

Contact Management

Streamline cooperation between dealers and the importer via automated customer data transfer and deduplication while improving the quality of your database and carrying out campaigns targeted at either dealers or retail customers.

Sales Budget & Quotas

Clear planning process through anticipated stock information with vehicle status updates. Compare your actual performance with your budget. Accurate real-time information enables you to improve the customer experience by communicating delays, efficiently react to change requests, and more.

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