Digital Sales Workplace

Are you ready to digitally transform your own business?

Technology-driven trends, new customer demands, internet of things (IoT) and new advances in artificial intelligence support digital transformation in the automotive industry. This transformation involves product design process, manufacturing, maintenance, operations and sales & marketing. Our commercial and trucks vehicles management system is designed to help automotive businesses easily embrace a digital transformation. Learn more!

Drive value across the customer journey.

incadea’s Digital Sales, CRM and Marketing solution platform, is designed to help automotive businesses easily embrace a digital strategy covering the entire customer journey. Linking all physical and digital touchpoints to ensure a seamless customer journey (walk in, social media, e-mail,…).

Within incadea.dms OEM integrations exist as make layers with deep layers of functionality for the automotive world.

Utilizing these features tied in with the added user interface and functionality within incadea’s Digital Sales Workplace, we are delivering a fully modern and enhanced feature rich user experience with added tools for both the OEM and the Dealers.

Transform customer information into clear, actionable knowledge thanks to deep analytics and respond quickly to changing customer preferences and emerging market opportunities. Initiate, track, and close sales consistently and efficiently with workflow rules that automate sales stages, lead routing, notifications, and escalations.

Maximize sales team’s efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and happiness with automatic distribution to the sales team allowing quick follow up with escalation when not responded in a timely manner.

Fully customizable and workflow-driven including on-line and off-line interaction.

Cutting-edge technology that is 100% Web enabled (any device).

Digital Marketing and Sales efficiency which facilitate processes end-to-end across different channels, markets, systems.

React proactively to any market event or change in sales strategy.

Fully integrated platform; perpetual campaigns; multiple channels while increasing B2C revenue.

Powerful audience-building

Real-time monitoring of results from initial marketing communication to customer purchase by the real-time recording of all sales activities.

Get rid of duplicate data with no data entry by a guided click through

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