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Reduce your IT costs, deploy and scale easily, streamline processes through integration.

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incadea.fastfit is a global solution for the automotive tire, parts, accessories, and service networks. Based on the leading ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and customized specifically for the tire and after-market business, incadea.fastfit helps you optimize your processes, increase productivity, and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Network Management

Network Management

Service Planning

Service Planning





Manage your franchise network efficiently with precise resource management and consolidated reporting

incadea.fastfit helps you manage multiple locations and gain greater control of your business. We provide tools for you to have a clear overview of your network at any time, streamline cooperation between outlets, and make informed decisions.

  • Manage multiple locations with central invoicing, document management, and flexible access rights setup. Avoid bottlenecks by distributing orders between locations.
  • Measure performance across the entire network through consolidated reporting and central data management.
  • Communicate with all outlets efficiently via network messaging. Push notifications directly to the end user’s role center, and monitor whether the message was read.

Streamline your tire or fast fit workshop operations and improve customer service

Achieve service excellence through efficient resource planning. Maximize your workshop capacity and generate more revenue while focusing on the customer and exceeding expectations.

  • Minimize the time needed to serve a customer with the help of multiple tools that increase employee efficiency, such as integration with data providers and catalogs; integrated accounting; and a minimal and intuitive role-based user interface.
  • Increase workshop productivity and utilization through optimized resource assignment based on each mechanic’s best skill set and efficiency and real-time overview of planned and upcoming jobs.
  • Upsell and increase frequency of customer visits through proactive communication with the customer. Inform and remind customers about upcoming general inspection dates or needed service for their car.

Accelerate your business with a proven, international solution based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technology.

With the reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform at its core, incadea.fastfit is a powerful but easy-to-use ERP system for your tire or aftermarket business. It is available in 10+ languages across 20+ markets.

  • Easily integrate new tenants into your network with low effort, low investment, scalability, and functionality.
  • Integrated, certified, and reliable accounting functionality and localization capabilities lie at the core of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection laws through appropriate tools to store data, subscription lists, consent records, etc.

Your benefits


Improve customer loyalty based on transparency and trust.

Notify customers of upcoming service dates and integrate them in the decision-making process by providing alternate quotes for the necessary parts. Keep the customer fully informed via a comprehensive vehicle health report.

Offer tire hotel services and nurture long-lasting customer relationships.

Efficiently manage your tire hotel with an intuitive and guided workflow integrated into your sales and CRM processes. Never leave the sales document to perform tire hotel activities. Proactively reach out to customers with seasonal reminders.

Keep corporate customers happy.

Provide effective fleet management services: follow central contract conditions, handle authorization for fleet service orders with the help of fleet portals, and perform central billing with flexible setup of required documentation.

Control and grow your business.

Have the latest data at your fingertips through flexible and scalable reporting options with static and power pivot reports, charts, and graphs. Gain greater control over your operations and make informed business decisions.

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