Have you ever wondered how much time your dealership’s team wastes while switching between systems and copying data between them or filling out paperwork and then entering the same data into the DMS automotive? The answer is anywhere from eight to ninety hours a month. Yes, we checked.

Drive Results. Achieve High Performance.

On average, lack of integration accounts for 33% of all value lost due to different inefficiencies in car dealer operations. This is why integration between your DMS, OEM, and third-party systems is so important. They automate processes, remove human error, reduce waiting times, and ultimately enable your floor staff to improve customer experience at the dealership.

Dealer Management System Customized for Your Brands

To fulfill the business processes required by the dealership in both the sales and aftersales areas, it is essential for OEM systems to interact with your DMS using different methods (APIs, web services, etc.). Our International Make Layers (IML) consist of functionalities developed specifically to serve the needs of particular brands. These include the necessary interfaces to the manufacturer’s own systems, as well as all make-specific logic, and come on top of the core functionality of our dealer management system.

Globally Certified Manufacturer Integrations

We develop and continuously enhance our make layers in close cooperation with global car manufacturers who have endorsed incadea.dms as one of the preferred solutions within their dealer network.

Most IMLs include international interfaces for multiple makes in one make layer:

  • BMW IML covers BMW and BMW-Mini
  • Daimler IML covers Mercedes, Smart, etc.
  • PSA IML covers Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel
  • VW IML covers Volkswagen, Skoda, and Audi
  • Porsche IML covers Porsche
  • GM IML covers Chevrolet and Cadillac

Our make layer portfolio is constantly growing. If you don’t see your brand on the list, contact us. Maybe it is already in development!

*Interfaces may vary based on specific market requirements

Your benefits


Process Automation

IML removes user interaction whenever feasible.

Simple Workflows

We consider the business process and the user’s role at the dealership and design the workflow to be as simple as possible.

DMS Integration

The make-specific processes are seamlessly integrated into standard DMS workflows.

Reduction of Errors

Automation and removal of human interaction reduces potential for errors caused by end users.

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