Further to today’s announcement by Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. ("Dealertrack"), that it now holds or has received valid acceptances of the Offer in respect of a total of 61,192,228 incadea Shares, representing an aggregate of 98.13 per cent. of the issued ordinary share capital of incadea, having declared the Offer wholly unconditional, incadea has at the request of Dealertrack, applied to the London Stock Exchange plc for the cancellation of trading in incadea Shares on AIM (the "Cancellation") in accordance with Rule 41 of the AIM Rules.

It is expected that the Cancellation will occur on 10 February 2015 at 7.00 a.m.

Dealertrack has announced that the Offer will remain open for acceptances until further notice. Not less than 14 days notice will be given for closing of the Offer.

Once the Cancellation has taken effect, incadea Shareholders will no longer be able to effect transactions in incadea Shares on AIM.

incadea Shareholders who have not accepted the Offer should note that the Cancellation is likely to reduce significantly the liquidity and marketability of incadea Shares not assented to the Offer as any transaction in incadea Shares would need to be negotiated privately directly between the incadea Shareholder and Dealertrack.

incadea Shareholders who have not yet accepted the Offer but wish to do so should follow the procedures set out below, as applicable:

If you hold incadea Shares in certificated form (that is, not in CREST), you must complete the Form of Acceptance in accordance with the instructions printed on it in accordance with paragraph 12.1 of the Letter from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dealertrack set out in Part II of the Offer Document and return it (along with any appropriate share certificate(s) and/or other document(s) of title) using the accompanying reply-paid envelope (for use within the UK only) as soon as possible to Capita Asset Services.

If you hold incadea Shares in uncertificated form (that is, in CREST), you should follow the procedures for electronic acceptance through CREST in accordance with the instructions set out in paragraph 12.2 of the Letter from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dealertrack set out in Part II of the Offer Document so that a TTE Instruction settles as soon as possible.

Terms not otherwise defined in this announcement have the meaning given to them in the Offer Document dated 19 December 2014, a copy of which can be found on the website of incadea

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Van Tilburg-Bastianen Groep teams further up with incadea.dms

Van Tilburg-Bastianen Groep has decided to extend our relationship by implementing incadea.dms at all their TB T&TS companies in the Netherlands.


GOLD Integration Level for incadea.dms is extended

incadea.dms has once again received 100 out of 100 points in the DAF DMS Integration Monitor.


Carya Group Nederland B.V. has taken over the car dealer activities of incadea Nederland B.V.

incadea Nederlands B.V. keeps the Truck Business.