Peter | Vehicle Sales Representative

Peter has received a couple of new opportunities and needs to run the sales process, and hopefully advance the sale. He should not forget to follow-up on yesterday’s walk-in customer, who showed a lot of interest in a specific model. During the day, he will definitely have to deal with a couple more walk-in customers, one of which will possibly be a returning customer. Peter is aware that his manager will request an update on today’s activities.

Key challenges

  • Peter’s scheduled activities may be interrupted at any time by a walk-in customer, who will take first priority on anything else, with no time limitations.
  • As a professional Vehicle Sales Associate, Peter needs to make sure these customers have a great experience in the shop, get a quote and/or accept to perform a test-drive.
  • At the same time, he needs to complete all follow-up activities on time, and communicate everything to his manager.

How can incadea solutions support Peter in his daily life?

incadea solutions will allow Peter to very easily switch between floor sale execution and opportunity follow-ups, with the highest standards, and without risking neglecting any customer: While selling to a walk-in customer, Peter can leverage all the information and capabilities of our solutions on the go, including test-drive scheduling and quotation, without staying at his desk, to provide an outstanding experience, while saving time both for him and his customer. The sales person can “on the fly” create to-dos to document and plan customer interaction. While at the desk, his role-center will help him prioritize tasks, and timely execute follow-ups according the dealership’s standards. As for reporting, he needs not worry about it at all, as all information is recorded and his manager can oversee his team through specific reports and dashboards.
Solutions and functionalities that helped Peter
  • Sales person role center
  • To-do’s
  • Opportunity management
  • Quote and order management
  • Sales manager reports
incadea.mysales app
  • Customer information
  • To-do management
  • Vehicle information
  • Test drive management
  • Quote
Key benefits for the Vehicle Sales department and the entire dealership
  • Gain control by overseeing execution and collecting data
  • Achieve higher margins by increased productivity
  • Drive growth through consistent and managed sales execution through great customer experiences