Rudi | Parts Manager

Today Rudi is alone in his warehouse and he has to do the job that Manfred, the Parts Picker, normally performs. Norbert, the mechanic, shows up at the parts counter and asks for the parts to fix the brakes and replace the side-mirror of a customer. Rudi identifies the exact place where the items are stored and hands them over to Norbert. He ships them to the Service Order. Then the next mechanic arrives with similar requests. Inventory needs to be updated, and the Inventory Manager needs to ensure that new parts are ordered if the minimum threshold is hit, through the best possible vendor.

Key challenges

  • Parts department needs to provide very quick service to our mechanics, if we are to meet our productivity metrics.
  • At the same time, they need to make sure nothing leaves the warehouse without proper recording, so we can keep track of inventory costs, replenishment needs and parts consumption.
  • With cost controlling and service quality in mind, parts department must also make sure they use the best provider for their purchases.

How can incadea solutions support Rudi in his daily life?

Through the use of incadea solutions, the parts department can very easily locate any part requested to the actual bin it is stored in. Recording of the consumption and cost of the part is as speedy as can be through bar code scanning. Inventory management is automatically updated and parts purchase is alerted of replenishment needs. A full parts purchase campaign mechanism allows the department to find the best provider to execute replenishment. Finally, management can have full analysis of the effectiveness of their current parts and inventory management processes, through their specific BI dashboard, to refine and optimize their strategy.
Solutions and functionalities that helped Rudi
  • Parts sale
  • Parts inventory management
  • Parts purchase
  • Parts and Inventory dashboards
Key benefits for the Parts department and the entire dealership
  • Gain control by effectively managing inventory
  • Higher margins by controlling inventory costs
  • Drive growth by providing effective service to customers