Carl | Marketing Manager

Carl, the marketing manager needs to run a promotion campaign for a new model. It should appeal especially to business customers who tend to have medium to large fleets of mid-sized SUVs. Although this is a strategic, high priority initiative, he should not forget his daily tasks: he has received a list of leads captured by the OEM through their online presence. Now he must make sure all the valid leads get followed-up.

Key challenges

  • Carl needs to perform a very specific segmentation which takes time. Building and sending personalized e-mails to all this customers can also be time consuming and a source of embarrassing errors.
  • He needs help prioritizing between the campaign and the daily tasks.
  • There is limited time to execute qualification, assignment and follow-up on leads.
  • Moreover, ensuring deduplication between OEM and dealership’s data, with the campaign require most of his time.

How can incadea solutions support Carl in his daily life?

incadea.dms enables Carl to perform segmentation within minutes, using all available data, making sure the campaign will target all and only the relevant customers. He can then automatically generate personalized e-mails and send them directly. His personalised role center will make sure he is aware of the pending leads to be processed, and will give him the tools to do so: automatic potential duplicate detection and proposed actions, automatic qualification based on data completeness and integrity, one-click lead conversion to opportunity, and reporting on executed follow-ups.
Solutions and functionalities that helped Carl
  • Marketing manager role center
  • Campaign management
  • Contact management - segmentation
  • Interactions - Mass-mailing
  • Lead buffer worksheet – deduplication & qualification
  • Lead management – convert and assign
Key benefits for the Marketing department and the entire dealership
  • Gain control by creating a marketing sales continuum by building a 360 view of the customer
  • Higher margins by increased productivity
  • Drive growth through orchestrated marketing activities by optimally leveraging all leads