Andrea | Bookkeeper

Andrea has been a bookkeeper for 10 years. She regularly controls the outstanding payments, as well as the dealership's financial performance and status. At the end of each fiscal period, she is also in charge of closing financial periods and books. Today Andrea needs to check outstanding payments. Having found service invoices still open for more than one month, she needs to take action. She would like to call a few loyal customers in person, while for others, a polite reminder via e-mail will suffice.

Key challenges

  • Andrea needs to make sure the collection policy of the dealership is implemented, while at the same time treat special customers with care, for such a delicate issue.
  • As for the financial performance, she needs to collect, combine and analyze timely and accurate data from all departments, at all level, and produce legal reports as well as business performance analysis to help strategic decisions.

How can incadea solutions support Andrea in her daily life?

incadea.dms is a fully integrated platform serving all roles in all departments of the dealership, and as such, it collects all the data and is capable of providing all needed financial reports with secured accuracy and timeliness. Furthermore, our company provides localized versions of the solution for several markets, in accordance with local fiscal legislation.

For the collections part of her job, her role center will automatically inform her of outstanding payments that must be dealt with today. All relevant information will be available to her to decide which customers need special treatment. For those, she will also see contact and other useful information to perform or schedule the call. For all other customers, automatic payment reminders, with reminder levels, are available.
Solutions and functionalities that helped Andrea
  • Accounting
  • Payment management
  • Fixed assets
  • General ledger
  • Customer ledger
  • Vendor ledger
Key benefits for the Finance department and the entire dealership
  • Gain control by getting alerts on financial issues
  • Drive growth through great customer experiences
  • Enable strategic decision-making through valuable insights based on actual and timely data analysis