Truck & Vehicle Services

Growth, interfacing with other systems and expansion in new business areas: no limits for you with these advanced features of incadea.fastfit.

Carcass Management

Do you sell retreaded tires? Do you take back customer carcasses for retreading? incadea.fastfit assists you with organizing this business area. For sending data and carcasses to your retreading company, incadea.fastfit offers easily customizable interfaces to communicate with your retread facility avoiding data loss in the process.

  • Classifying carcasses
  • Sell and buy carcasses
  • Sell retreaded carcasses
  • Sell retread services for customer carcasses
  • Electronic communication with the retread company

Catalog Integration

Use the Catalog System to integrate items from spare part dealers into incadea.fastfit. When needed, the part is automatically added to the incadea.fastfit item master. A special part of the Catalog System is the integration of online web catalogs. Spare parts catalogs only available online can be directly copied into incadea.fastfit.

  • Administration of non-stock items
  • Import non-stock items from various catalogs using a normed interface
  • Query ONLINE catalogs
  • Get the shopping baskets of ONLINE catalogs
  • Order from ONLINE catalogs

    Delivery Service Management

    When shipping goods, all necessary data for delivery companies (DPP, TNT, UPS) can be collected as needed for the integration with the IT of these companies.

    Many delivery companies use their own systems to print etiquettes for their parcels. incadea.fastfit adjusts the information supplied to print/interface with the delivery companies software. For full integration, mobile devices and electronic scales can be integrated.

    Return order management is also included and supported. This means you can create return orders for your transporter, which are then collected from the customer’s location.

    Bay Booking (Online)

    A necessary requirement for an effective bay service is the recording of services which must be done on a specific bay. As the bay booking is fully integrated into incadea.fastfit, you can manage your bays easily and efficiently. In addition, you can further improve your customers’ experience by employing a web interface where customers themselves can register a service request and select a time slot suitable for them.

    • Define a calendar with open and busy times
    • Define working hours for bays
    • Define valid time ranges for appointments
    • Assign services to be done—per time and bay
    • Reserve time frames for customers
    • Assign services to appointments
    • Check appointments from within the shopping basket
    • Take over services in the shopping basket for invoicing
    • Charging of services
    • Online reservation for customers