Modules supporting the purchase processing have been optimized towards giving you the possibility to save as much money as possible. Be it the marketplace (comparison of vendor pricings) or the detailed purchase calculations – everything is optimized to achieve the "best buy".

Virtual Marketplace

The virtual marketplace stores the price information of your vendors. So, every time you purchase an item you can easily check for the best offer. Additionally you can also store your competitors’ prices in the system so the sales staff has the information on competition at their fingertips.

  • Chart the best purchase possibilities
  • Integration of a Tyre24 interface
  • Sorting by purchase price
  • Show competitors prices


Using the AdHoc module of incadea.fastfit, you can directly query the availability of items from sales documents or the shopping basket by establishing a direct connection to the tire industry. If items are available, they can be immediately ordered. If you are about to replenish your stock in the evening or on the weekend, outside of your vendors’ business hours, feel free - AdHoc makes this possible.

  • Easy interfacing with the industry (standardized interface)
  • Access more than one manufacturer with a single click
  • Easy inquiry from the industry
  • Easy ordering
  • Orders are generated and transmitted fully automatically

    Purchase Calculation & Bonus Management

    You can check expected (and realized) bonuses per line and immediately reclaim or postpone the reclamation on another day. Using item charges, you can add additional costs like transport fees, customs, insurances and so on to the items. You can even take expected bonuses into account when calculating the average unit cost for an item.

    • Add as many calculation parts as you want
    • Three-level cost presentation: Invoice price, Average unit price, Overhead price
    • Set time periods where the calculation is valid
    • Graduated prices
    • Multiple currency support
    • Bonus history and show expected bonus
    • Immediate posting of expected bonuses
    • Use the drill-down to check the documents
    • Total transparency

    Purchase Management

    incadea.fastfit assists you in planning and recording of all physical movements in your warehouse. All processes in the warehouse - from goods receipt over storing to goods issue are fully supported.

    • Purchase recommendation with fixed lot-sizes
    • Include expected delivery time of vendors
    • Recurring Purchase Orders
    • Vendor selection in the purchase recommendation
    • Creation of purchase recommendation; automatically updates using a regularly planning scheme

    Delivery Reminders

    Using the delivery reminders you can note your vendor of overdue receipts. These reminders are assigned to the respective orders, can be registered and used to create a record on the adherence to delivery dates for the vendor.

    • Maintaining of automated reminders
    • Flexible reminder texts, different reminder levels
    • Registration of sent reminders
    • Vendor assessments using reminders