Point of Sale

Vital information like list price, customer price, expected profit margin, quantity discount and many more ease up your sales process, enabling your sales staff to sell and process orders faster, thus improving customer experience and increasing your business productivity.

Search Integration

The fast and efficient search and selection of items is one of the major functions in tire trade. Incadea.fastfit enables you to find the needed items within seconds through match code search, search results filtering and configurable views. Similarly, you can also search for every single attribute of your customers, be it name, address, phone number, zip code or something else.

  • Customer and contacts search – also for vehicles and depots
  • Item search using match codes
  • Services, service packages and whole tires
  • Automatic suggestion of replacement items
  • References for customer item numbers and vendor item numbers
  • Catalog search with automatic conversion into the item master
  • Import shopping from other systems like web shops or other web services

Inventory Check

During the sales process you are always informed about stock levels and get immediate response from the system if you are about to sell something not in stock.

  • Automatic stock level check
  • Immediate notification in case of out-of-stock
  • Information on items in other open sales orders
  • Item availability check in other stores

    Price Calculation

    Pricelist generation and discount management gives you the possibility of easily administrating and maintaining your prices to your own needs. Different prices per region, fixed prices for fleet management are automatically generated and provide an additional competitive advantage to your business.

    • Control prices, discounts and cash discounts
    • Define gross and net prices
    • Create campaign price lists
    • Manage discounts
    • Amount rounding
    • Easily combine items and services within one sales order

    Sales Documents

    Save time for your sales staff with efficient document handling. Easily access all needed data from the customer, the contact and (if used) vehicle and depot data. Additional information (notes, hints, text remarks on the document) can be easily added in each workflow step.

    • Quotes, orders, invoices, commissions, vehicle inspection sheets, credit memos, etc.
    • Document transfer: via print, fax or PDF
    • Automatic check of due balance and credit limit
    • Document archive

    Cash Register

    Supporting cash and credit card transactions, the cash register allows you to see all your transactions at a glance.

    • Customer, vendor and cash transactions
    • Either payment by cash or by other means of payment (credit cards, cash cards, vouchers)
    • Arbitrary number of cash registers per store
    • Cash register statement with automatic posting of differences