Master Data

Data from various work processes can be efficiently recorded, administered and used while dynamic data processing can save you significant time. Information for various manufacturers, articles, work values, time allowed, fixed prices etc. is stored in comprehensive master tables.

Item Master

The Item master includes more than 80,000 tire and rim items of all leading manufacturers. Perfect grouping of different items types like tires, rims and vehicle trade accessories enables accurate pricing calculation, concise purchase invoice verification and control of the bonus credit memos.

      • Different forms for different types (tires, rims, tubes, etc.)
      • Three-level item grouping – a basis for detailed calculation & statistics
      • Each item attribute is stored in its own field and therefore can be filtered
      • Automatic generation of item descriptions and match codes from any item attribute

            Automated Price Maintenance

            Supporting your daily tasks successfully, calculation base prices are maintained automatically, either through EDI PRICAT or incadea.fastfit item price import tool. The solution allows you to maintain different time ranges of valid prices for sales and purchase, while valid prices and past price changes are automatically available.

            • Easy-to-use import interface
            • Easy adaption to existing formats
            • EDI Wheel – PRICAT Support
            • History of prices to chart price changes over time


              This module enables you to optimize usage of services, employees and machines in the service area. You do not only have a detailed history, you can also use this module to plan your service needs (and allocated resources) in advance.

              • Different criteria for unit cost and unit prices
              • Define unlimited price lists
              • Supports planning in the service area
              • Used throughout whole sales area

              Contact Management

              The solution supports the efficiency of customer and contact management. Each visit/contact (e.g prospect or existing customer, vendor, partner) can be recorded and tracked via contact management, available in all modules, enabling the materialization of marketing activities.

              • Automated classification
              • Supports marketing to-dos
              • Document management
              • Contact search
              • Synchronization with contacts, tasks and appointments in Microsoft Outlook