Integration Services

Demands and expectations of customers are ever increasing, and the only way to keep up is to increase speed and quality of service by automating essential business processes, thus giving the staff the time to concentrate on more delicate and complex matters.

EDI Process Integration

EDI-Wheel is an electronic data exchanged system, automating the whole replenishment process from quote to order to shipment to invoice. It was developed in cooperation with our partner tire manufacturers, specifically for the needs of this industry, based on the international EDI standard, EDIFAKT.

  • ORDER order to industry
  • ORDRSP confirmation of order
  • DESADV shipping notifications and shipping documents
  • INVOIC electronic invoice
  • REMADV inform the industry of invoice payment
  • PRICAT price catalog supplies master data and prices

Web Service Integration

Communication is essential in the modern business environment. Web services integration enables you to run a web shop effectively, create custom web services, which can be used to support data to marketplaces, supply shops, or even transmit shopping baskets, or integrate your offering with a customer application.

  • Live access to ERP data and functions
  • Fully integrated in incadea.fastfit
  • No double effort due to double data
  • Business logic centralized in incadea.fastfit
  • Easy administration