The service area in incadea.dms incudes insights and tools for all service functions to enable informed decision-making, increased productivity and a superior customer experience. Key functionality allows you to capture more appointments with improved scheduling; eliminate overbooking and under booking to maximize utilization and mechanics’ productivity. Generate additional service income by recapturing declined service quotes and Reduce customer wait times.

Service Appointment Planning

    Plan efficiently and effectively all available resources, in order to provide the best possible service experience and meet customer’s expectations.

  • External Service Request handling
  • Reception / Pick-up planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Schedule Mechanics, Tools, Cars
  • Scheduling in other locations
  • View Schedule of other Companies
  • Manage capacity issues
  • Allocate free capacity slots
  • Consider preconfigured Instructions
  • Create Service Scheduling Order

    Service Reception

      Allowing for correct order initiation and management, a great service delivery orchestration and thus outstanding customer experience.

      • One Service Order per service pass
      • Order – Job – Line split
      • Multi Vehicle Check
      • Service Campaigns

    Service Execution

    User-friendly tools for planning, clocking and monitoring, offer the necessary capabilities for efficient and effective execution, maximizing utilization, and process optimization.

    • Dispatch Board for workshop planning
    • Time clocking with barcode support
    • Status updates
    • Quality control