Key functionality in the Parts area can enable you improve stock control, focus on sales and customer experience. Experience real-time visibility into inventory levels, sales performance and parts availability. Focus on maintain optimal inventory levels, organized by brand and selected to meet customer demand.

Parts Sales

  • Item availability by Period / Loc. / Company
  • Inquiry Quote Order
  • Item Surcharges
  • Sales Price Calculation
  • Alternative Parts /Additional Items
  • Item Deposit handling
  • Return Orders
  • Item Sales Budget
  • Combine Shipment

    Parts Inventory Management

    • Physical Inventory with Barcode support
    • Item Replacement
    • Item Price Calculation
    • Item Reservation
    • Item Revaluation
    • Item Master Data concept
    • Shelves / Bins

    Parts Purchase

    • Parts replenishment based on dealer or OEM criteria
    • Parts Purchase Campaigns
    • Purchase Order Types
    • Parts shipment proposal worksheet