incadea.dms can enable you to:
  • Drive results in every area of your dealership business
  • Optimize key business processes and increase transparency across all dealership functions
  • Maximize employee utilization
  • Improve employee performance and efficiency
Product Capabilities
Service The service area in incadea.dms includes insights and tools for all service functions to enable informed decision-making, increased productivity and a superior customer experience. Key functionality allows you to capture more appointments with improved scheduling; eliminate overbooking and under booking to maximize utilization and mechanics’ productivity.  Generate additional service income by recapturing declined service quotes and Reduce customer wait times. Learn more

Key functionality in the Parts area can enable you improve stock control, focus on sales and customer experience. Experience real-time visibility into inventory levels, sales performance and parts availability. Focus on maintaining optimal inventory levels, organized by brand and selected to meet customer demand.

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Vehicles incadea.dms includes a comprehensive vehicle management module that enables you to control the vehicle lifecycle from acquisition to sales, to achieve higher profit through incentives for higher margin vehicles, and to reduce your costs with the help of inventory cost control. With the functionality included in the Vehicle area, you are able to drive growth through faster and consistent sales execution, facilitating follow-ups and closing more sales. Learn more
Finance Manage all finance activities, perform key tasks easily and efficiently, gain control and view the financial position of your dealership through the integrated finance module of incadea.dms. Learn more
Retail CRM The area of Relationship Management focuses on four different elements: Lead Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management and Campaign segmentation. Learn more
22 Dealership Roles for increasing productivity and efficiency across all areas. View All Here
  • Service Manager
  • Service Advisor
  • Service Assistant
  • Workshop Controller
  • Small Business Aftersales
  • Parts Manager
  • Parts Purchase & Inventory Manager
  • Parts Sales Person
  • Parts Picker
  • Parts Warehous Clerk
  • Vehicle Sales Manager
  • Vehicle Sales Assistant
  • Vehicle Sales Person
General Ledger
  • Accounting Manager
  • AP Coordinator
  • AR Coordinator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Cashier
Retail CRM
  • Marketing & Contact Manager
Shared Services
  • HR Manager
  • IT Manager
  • IMM Dealer Associate
My Job - My Role: Our Success Explore how incadea.dms can support key roles in your dealership
  • My Job - My Role: Our Success Ralf Service Advisor
    Service Advisor
    Ralf, the Service Advisor, has his hands full: he is finishing up on a technical inspection, and his next appointment is due any minute now. He must assign work to an available mechanic and prepare for the next customer. His focus is always on delivering an excellent experience, and making sure all customers leave the dealership feeling well served and confident that their vehicle is in impeccable condition.
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  • My Job - My Role: Our Success Peter Vehicle Sales Rep.
    Vehicle Sales Rep.
    Peter has received a couple of new opportunities and needs to run the sales process, and hopefully advance the sale. He should not forget to follow-up on yesterday’s walk-in customer, who showed a lot of interest in a specific model. During the day, he will definitely have to deal with a couple more walk-in customers, one of which will possibly be a returning customer. Peter is aware that his manager will request an update on today’s activities.
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  • My Job - My Role: Our Success Rudi Parts Manager
    Parts Manager
    Today Rudi is alone in his warehouse and he has to do the job that Manfred, the Parts Picker, normally performs. Norbert, the mechanic, shows up at the parts counter and asks for the parts to fix the brakes and replace the side-mirror of a customer. Rudi identifies the exact place where the items are stored and hands them over to Norbert. He ships them to the Service Order. Then the next mechanic arrives with similar requests. Inventory needs to be updated, and the Inventory Manager needs to ensure that new parts are ordered if the minimum threshold is hit, through the best possible vendor.
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  • My Job - My Role: Our Success Carl Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager
    Carl, the marketing manager needs to run a promotion campaign for a new model. It should appeal especially to business customers who tend to have medium to large fleets of mid-sized SUVs. Although this is a strategic, high priority initiative, he should not forget his daily tasks: he has received a list of leads captured by the OEM through their online presence. Now he must make sure all the valid leads get followed-up.
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  • My Job - My Role: Our Success Andrea Bookkeeper
    Andrea has been a bookkeeper for 10 years. She regularly controls the outstanding payments, as well as the dealership's financial performance and status. At the end of each fiscal period, she is also in charge of closing financial periods and books. Today Andrea needs to check outstanding payments. Having found service invoices still open for more than one month, she needs to take action. She would like to call a few loyal customers in person, while for others, a polite reminder via e-mail will suffice.
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Fully integrated, intuitive solution designed to help you grow
  • One integrated solution. Allowing you to focus on innovation
    Built on the world class Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, which leverages the standard features of Microsoft’s technology while adding extensive additional features specifically designed to support the Dealer business.
    Our solution provides a fully integrated approach for successful dealership management, with all dealership functions and processes built into a single and innovative DMS solution. The solution draws from years of experience and knowledge of best practices gained from working with leading companies in the automotive industry. Every dealership process that can help you embed innovation, whether common or complex, is part of incadea.dms.

  • Customized work world experience. Ensuring team success through personal efficiency
    incadea.dms is designed to enable dealership employees’ to focus on their tasks by tailoring their DMS work experience to the needs of their role. The revolutionary Role Tailored Client | RTC | creates a customized role-based experience, displaying specific tasks, data, integrated information, and other applications ‒ all relevant to the user and the specific role they fulfill in the dealership.
    Users are able to handle their daily tasks in an optimal way. Our solution features 22 automotive dealership roles across the Service, Parts, Vehicles, Customer Relationship, Finance and Controlling, Human Resources and IT departments.
  • Driving collaboration and productivity. Suitable to any dealership
    incadea.dms includes a set of features that successfully support complex dealership scenarios, as well as end-user tools, which drive collaboration and productivity. Capabilities for multi-currency, multi-branch, etc. support all kinds of dealerships or dealership networks across different regions and makes, with diverse languages and currencies.
    Barcode support for service clocking and parts management, unified search and notifications are only a few of the automation and optimization features aiming to increase productivity and collaboration in the workplace.
  • Turning Data into Successful Decisions. The intelligent dealership
    Making the right decisions requires the right information. The solution incorporates an advanced set of analytics and reporting tools in order to help you monitor and analyze real time KPIs and business data.
    Create and access an extensive set of reports, dashboards, graphs and charts, which offer the information you need to improve daily and future operations.
  • Become Customer Centric from A-Z.
    Develop and retain profitable customer relationships by creating differentiated, customer-centric experiences across the entire dealership, from sales to service to finance. The solution helps you provide a consistent and personalized customer experience across-departments, which builds loyalty and ultimately increases revenue.
    The heart of incadea.dms encompasses relationship management ‒ an integrated CRM tool designed to successfully manage the business processes that increases customer satisfaction and improves sales performance. Lead Management, Contact Management, Campaigns and Segmentation are just a few of the features that will support your customer communication strategy.
  • Your dealership on the go. incadea mobile apps
    Engaging leads, enhancing customer experience, and simplifying multiple dealership processes are just a few of the benefits of adding the incadea.mysales mobile app to your dealership.
    incadea.dms offers seamless integration with and between incadea mobile apps - incadea.mysales and incadea.myservice, allowing you to revolutionize the way you interact with your customers. Important sales and service activities at your dealership can be processed anytime and anywhere via your mobile device.
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