Dealer 4.0 is our vision of a modern, mobile dealership!

Dealer 4.0 is an innovative dealership concept - a futuristic car showroom powered by Microsoft Cloud and Windows 10, and a customer centric strategy to transform automotive retail.

The industry is evolving. Customers are changing. Will you follow them?

In a sea of digital partial solutions, incadea’s innovative Dealer 4.0 offers a business model that leads to closeness with the customer that actually furthers measurable increased conversion.

An innovative dealership concept – a unique, futuristic dealer showroom concept empowered by cutting edge software and state of the art technologies. It is a technology rich concept with nearly limitless capabilities, aiming to revolutionize the way car manufacturers and dealerships sell cars, position their brands, and do business.

Dealer 4.0, our vision of a modern, mobile dealership to transform the traditional dealership into an interactive, customer-friendly, high-tech experience.