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  • 18.05.2016
    If you’ve ever lived in a major Western European or North American city, it is more than likely that you have observed or personally utilized some form of car sharing service. This comes as no surprise as car sharing companies as well as multinational OEMs have jumped at the opportunity to entice consumers (particularly millennials), who have become reluctant to purchase a vehicle for private use. This hesitation to own a vehicle comes as no surprise, as an automobile continues to be an enormous investment, yet they remain idly parked for an average of 22 hours a day. On top of this, with the efficient public transport in Europe or the Americas, as well as developed bike paths, individuals are more and more reluctant to purchase a car.
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  • 13.12.2015
    When China first opened their international borders to Western industries in the 1980s, automotive OEM’s were salivating at the potential it offered. Bound to be an economic powerhouse and home to a massive consumer base, who were increasing in affluence, China flashed capabilities that rivaled the United States at that time. 
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