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  • 24.02.2016
    With the discovery and wonder of flight, the sheer size of some cargo/cruise ships that leave a person in awe, and the rapid technological evolution of personal vehicles, the development of the trucking industry has been somewhat overlooked. Other than enjoying the sound of their honks, or being frustrated when stuck behind one on the highway, most people do not pay much attention to the changes occurring. While the other modes of transportation (both freight and passenger) have improved immensely, trucks have remained relatively similar in terms of energy efficiency and appearance in the past 40 years, but have recently begun to show signs of life.
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  • 22.03.2016
    When we think of the definition of a “Connected Car”, we often relate it to the internet: being able to surf the web through infotainment interfaces, being able to stream music or movies, online shopping, or accessing and updating multiple social media accounts. This is because these concepts are part of our everyday lives, so we expect them to be significant in our future vehicles as well.
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  • 23.06.2016
    The automobile industry has been growing as a whole for consecutive decades now. However, there is one particular consumer segment, which is beginning to take off and overtake the previous market leader. Sport Utility Vehicles and Crossovers are picking up steam globally, and not simply limited to the growth markets such as China, Brazil and India. 

    It seems that the automotive industry is following a similar path as that of the cellphone industry, which initially had cellphones getting smaller, before increasing in size.
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